It's time to extrapolate and forecast the increase in excess mortality and determine projected life expectancy over the next decade or so. I know it won't be linear and will reach a terminus, which is tricky to determine.

Ed Dowd mentioned life expectancy dropping from 74 to 53 over X number of years where;

X = I can't remember.

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From here


we have this:

"..article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has even worse news.The article states that between 2019 and 2021, the life expectancy of U.S. men declined by 3 years, and U.S. women declined 2.3 years!"

As I recall (from somewhere!) the 2.7 year overall decline was split 1.8 years for 2020 and 0.9 years for 2021 - the first year of the steadily increasing vaxx roll-out - lots of "dumfounding" variables, but I think it's a reasonable contention that 2022 numbers are the ones to anchor on.

If i were to guesstimate, I would test the premise that one year of life expectancy will be lost per year of the currently C19 injection dosed population - that is with no further increase via boosters or in the newly vaxxed.

So, rather than the horrific implications of -2.7 years for each two-year period that we have just experience - looking forward - I would guesstimate that damage done is one year fall every year from here on out for all those double doses.

Unadjusted "raw" deaths were 18.5% higher in 2020 than 2019, and were 21.1% higher in 2021 than 2019.

It could be argued that the excess deaths in each of 2020 and 2021, when added together, explain the drop in life expectancy. Using CDC mortality data, that would be

529,000 extra deaths = (my remembered) 1.8 years drop in life expectancy for 2020 from 2019 and

604,00 extra deaths for 2021 from 2019 for another 0.9 ears - you can see the proportions don't square up!

No matter, the point is that each year of fall that i guesstimate is the starting test for the damage already embedded from all pror injection, with no increase in any injections - a complete success for "stop the vaxx" in life expectancy means around 600,000 a year more people will die, with life expectancy dropping one year per year for the foreseeable future.

In ten years time, an extra 6 million wll die, life expectancy will be down to 63 years for men an 59 years for women.

more boosters, this will worsen that already bleak outlook.

so, mike, these are initial thoughts. it would be great to get a read on what life company actuaries are thinking. it may be that they do not see any threat to their business models and so are unconcerned, though i doubt this very much! mr dowd has some good contacts in the industry so will keep an eye out for any revelations!

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Are these life expectancy calculations based only on the jabbed & their offspring? Where do the non jabbed fit into life expectancy? As ignorant as I may sound, could their actually be two models for an average life expectancy?

Does Mr. Dowd have a substack or telegram?

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Ed Dowd is on GETTR. IMO, only time will tell If the purebloods life expectancy is a separate calculation from he jabbed. I dont recall the name of a UK scientist who provided images from his exam of pb's blood slides that ALSO how irregularities. Shedding is real.

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Edward Dowd is on substack here:


the CDC publishes data on the percentage of the population it thinks is injected, by age cohort and dosage frequency here:


Go the section rows alongside "Total Vaccine Doses" and click on any column heading for "At Least One Dose", "Completed Primary Series", "First Booster Dose" "Second Booster Dose" - you will see the percentages for over 5's, over 12's, over 18's and over 65's.

depressinglu, 95% of over 65's have taken at least one dose and 93% have completed the primary series. tragic though this is, it is the over 18 bucket where the axe will fall - shame it is not broken down (as per actuarial tables) by age decile, no matter, for 18 year olds and over, 91% have taken at least one dose, 78% have completed the primary series and 52% have taken a booster.

two doses is sufficient for maximum infection by injection. so I would suggest that, although unvaxxed have, perhaps, greater logevity if they can avoid shedding by the vaxxed and infection from other emerging diseases suffered by the vaxxed, the unvaxxed are already just one fifth of the "untainted" population.

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Peter, I’ve seen videos on shedding. However, I’m still struggling if the vaxxed shed, how does that affect pure bloods? Are they in a round about way rendering pure bloods vaxxed? This whole situation causes me to wander down rabbit holes & I can’t get a straight answer. We’re out in the world, doing daily life things, attending concerts, college games, jobs etc...while surrounded by vaxxed people. Are they harming us?

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Thank you Peter.

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Thanks Peter.

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