“… putting talks to end wars in Gaza and Ukraine at the top of the agenda…”

Translation, them:

Come on, you lot, hurry it up. We took care of Maui, didn't we? The ’stakeholders’ are getting restless waiting to invest in / plunder Ukraine. Plus, we’re ready to get those beach resorts started in Gaza. We’ve printed the money and the launderers are all lined up. What’s taking so long?


Where’s the bunker busters when we need them? Just a handful would do, pretty please?

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Mr. Peter when you get a chance check Dr. Thomas Seyfried⚠️ https://cancerevolution.film/ ⚠️https://tomseyfried.com/ there’s some interesting interviews on YT, odysee, rumble ⚠️https://rumble.com/v2g3uxx-youve-been-lied-to-about-cancer-with-dr-thomas-seyfried-phd.html

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Hypocrites = Ropy Ethics. One of 256 Anagrams another one being Eco Hit Pry!

Thanks peter Halligan for your very timely substacks.

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They are celebrating on the backs of us. 😞

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(Thanks for all your great work) I watched this earlier today https://rumble.com/v45xp45-universal-basic-income-welfare-state-pushed-as-the-model-for-americas-futur.html

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Greetings, if by carbon footprint you mean, all the hot air they blow out and flatulence they fire in each others direction. Not to mention all the heat rising out of their overloaded pea brains trying to out mind F?,k everyone else, yes I think you make a good point.

Carpe’ Diem for today is all we really have, yesterday is history, and tomorrow is only an illusion on the horizon.

Be well and do something nice for yourself and someone else today.


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