Scientific cure without big pharma - Stop covid and cancer


PUBLIC COMPLAINT AGAINST GOVERNMENTS 01/12/2022 - Action, legal action


F mn Espionage NATO, the revolutionary engine -


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Andrea Salvatore Buffa

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Please just don't get any more shots. You don't have to admit they kill and injure people.

Just don't go line up.

You have other things to do, and it does not look like there is anything to protect-from any more.

Just don't bother.

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Yes, we should all refrain from calling the "Genetic Injections" vaccines. My best friend in German. She pleaded with her father (telling him he will die) to not take the injection. He did it anyway. The Germans are a very obedient and will do what they are told. Most trust the authorities. And yes he has had numerous health problems after the injections.

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Yes, this is happening, all the while half of Germany is sticking their heads up their arses.

Some of the best research on excess mortality in Krautistan has been done by Prof. Christof Kuhbandner:


In short: 2020 was nothing. 2021 was pretty scary.

And, not from that study, but at least the latter half of 2022 is looking like absolute carnage, even though I'm pretty sure the 19% figure is only for October (from memory, forgive me if inaccurate) and is not calculated the same way as presented in the study, which is pretty solid.

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Dec 20, 2022Liked by Peter Halligan

Thank you and shared. Wonder if anything real will come of it. O.o

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