And from Brazil we have:

COVID-19 News: New JN.2.5 Variant Wreaking Havoc In Mato Grosso-Brazil! Possivity Test Rates Now 70.3 Percent! - Thailand Medical News


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Hey Peter! I am having trouble sharing Substacks to Gettr. It doesn’t preview properly and only sends an unopened link in text/code that of course initiates an external link warning. Other sources seem to be fine sharing to Gettr, only Substack is affected. Thought I would give you a heads up because I’m not sure where to inquire about this.

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If this latest revolution does to our biology what the current revolution is doing to our culture and sociology, extinction is a real possibility. We should refamiliarize ourselves with the term "xenocide".

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Well, all I have to say is God Will Not be Mocked.

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Great commentary, but just scraping the surface.

The biggest issue (Wouldn’t you know it), is money to support basic and applied research. None of this happens without investment, and big potential for profit.

People are willing to pay, because a lot of the technology is life saving or life changing.

It addresses common issues, families, occupation, relationships, marriage and divorce, partnerships, health, illness, aging vs youth, or possibly middle age, brain function, perhaps beating some of the diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, cancer, stroke, heart disease, mental health, developmental abnormalities.

All these and many more, each requiring enormous investments in scientific investigations, many billions of dollars, thousands of scientists and support staff.

I doubt our country can deal with all these problems while facing economic and social/cultural crises.

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Nice notes, thank you very much for your time and patience. As usual much appreciated.

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Thanks PH. Whole new slant on that expression of being hacked off. Hack humanity. Terrifying not so distant future.

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There is video on YouTube showing a guy trying to create a hunting dog that ears glowed in the dark. Using a CRISPr kit he bought in the mail. I’ll see if I can find it and post it. It is pretty scar stuff.

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How did we allow the mad scientists in such positions of power?

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The field of Bioethics was supposedly conceived of to prevent what happened within the medical community in Fascist Germany from happening again. But...Anthony Fauci's hands are in that field to - his wife heads up Bioethics at the National Institute of Health Bioethics. About important issues like eugenics. And Newgenics. Designer babies, CRISPR, mRNA genetic modification of the human genome. Useless eaters reproducing...or not...three generations of imbeciles being enough and all. A case that has new found relevance in the biotechnology of today. Like vaccines that lower birthrates and result in stillborns, aka sterilization. Fascists love them some...

Newgenics: Buck v. Bell, American Eugenics, and the Bad Man Test:

Putting Limits on Newgenics in the 21st Century Minnesota Journal of Law & Inequality, January 2020



Mental masturbatory exercise to rationalize and justify totalitarianism as "good stewardship." Just give voice to individual liberty concerns - that are promptly run over and dismissed - and Voila! wise good stewardship!

Public health: ethical issues

The Nuffield Council on Bioethics, 2007


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Q: What is defective cardiolipen antibody?

Is it the same as anticardiolipen or antiphospholipid antibody?

Is so how does it happen? Why are we so prone to clotting?

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I Know Why Bill Gates Left Harvard

And Why He Was So Mad:

He Received

His First "F" Ever On A Term Paper.

It Was Titled:

"How To Destroy All Of Humanity"


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