Thanks Peter - I remember seeing this some time ago and thinking what a terrible presentation it was. It's best just to download the doc and read it. We all need to be aware of this.

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THANK YOU for posting this one Peter! Oh, and thanks for the re-post on Venoms. This Dr. Ardis is exposing some amazing stuff about nicotine that I never knew before. 3 days to CURE glioblastoma brain cancer!!! And tons of other great stuff. So good of your to help get the word out. They've been planning to murder us with a tool that doesn't work very well in nicotine saturated people;-) WOW. They were planning this for SOOOO LONG!

And I guess they didn't expect DOCTORS to test Ivermectin, so they didn't rip it to shreds until AFTER doctors started reporting how helpful it was. "Horse paste" HAHAHAHA!

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We need to see the mechanism of action for the spread of the virus in 2019/2020.

Injecting spike never made sense, especially in the context of treating snake bite with anti-venom, NOT venom.

It may very well be that "the Cult" has created a synthetic boom slang.jrait/king cobra molecule and called it "mrNA spike protein" - rather than ,mRNA snake venom".

I am thiking abut those fibrous blod clts. I am thinking that blod thiners don't work o these white fibrus clots. Something might - maybe something acidic to dissolve them. The there's the issue of where does the dissolved substance go? Maybe it has to be physicaly located ad lifted out, sonehow - like a tapeworm!

Maybe this C₁₄H₁₀O₁₀ - ellagic acid

Anyway, the melatonin issue seems valid as well as the nicotine. Green tomatoes and eggplant? Well, I am a smoker!

But fo keep up yur wrrk - I sense there will be a coming together of ideas from EDTA to some permutation of H C and O molecules.


I am also wondering whether Long Covid and Long Vaxx are full of those whte clots and wondering if these also occur after snakebite.

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I have read that some people are clearing the clots just with ascorbic acid. Who knows?

So venom peptides vary, and some cause clotting (in under 60 seconds) SEE: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/made-from-snake-venom-these-hydrogels-could-treat-uncontrolled-bleeding-180980295/ - while others cause hemorrhage.

We're also dealing with the "plastic" polymers and the graphene oxides, so it's a mixed bag here. Many layers of fighting this, and we go with what WORKS right? I mean, even without a microscope, we know what good health feels like, and we know what bad health feels like. We also know that if what we're using is safe, there's no LOSS in trying it.

Oh, and that old adage "If it ain't broke don't fix it" comes it handy sometimes. We're putting our lives at risk every time we get anywhere near a doctor or pharma.

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thanks for posting. I think this video came out months ago and i'd been meaning to listen to it even though I can't really take Alex J's voice. I was wondering why Rima is talking to the shill that is Alex, after all he's a shabbos goy, a gatekeeper, which he has admitted to. I sincerely hope she is not.

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As the UN is on US Soil, these creeps need to be arrested and stand trial.

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Hi Peter, thanks for posting this link. Dr Rima's presentation can also be found on bannedtv.com. One of the more important historical presentations that's come out recently. Dr Laibow shows how changing focus and special projects move through the decades to erasing women and sexualizing children. Nevermind wiping out cultures and moving towards transhumanism. Who knew that behind those smiling faces being projected is pure evil attempting to control all of humanity?

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You are welcome.

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Jul 18, 2023·edited Jul 18, 2023Liked by Peter Halligan

Ms Mofokeng

Mo’ Fokeng

Mo’ Fo

You can’t make this stuff up.

Fake mother f’ing experts wouldn’t surprise me.

It’s a blatant taunt.

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Slightly concerning is that your portraiture resembles the iniquitous

E.Con Musk in AI Masonic mode.

Any comment?

Divide and rule. Chaos and Corruption

All set to confuse to allow the real machinations to operate.

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