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These monsters know what they’ve done and don’t want to be around when the death jabs are brought up,should be made to attend and asked why they weren’t there the first time

Capital punishment for all who profited and spread the fear

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If ever there has been an inhumanity towards your fellow man...this is it...what we are seeing is the very insensitivity of ELECTED GOVTs towards those who elected them!!?? Obviously some group of psychologists and others members of the Uni-Parties thru out the World conceived with those whose distorted minds about bio-weapons and generated hysteria/fear concocted this scheme to enrich themselves over OUR deaths...and of course control and power to boot. The degree to which this entire scheme had so many elements working at the beginning reveals how much prior preparation...detail pre-launch..was needed to con the World...and depopulate the World.

How many more people must be buried to meet their goals..your wife, your kids...and your future offspring? The only approach forward is to remove the folks in office who are still driving this mass murder by proxy...they are protected by the voting machine dysfunctions and political Admin State actors...FBI, NSA, MI5 and many other secretive units....and Judges whose justice is wanting. There is little question that some of the J6 actions at the Capitol was directed at what we knew would occur under Biden in respect to more deaths via bio-weapons and generated hysteria and paranoid propaganda.

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Standard behaviour by HM's Govtard Politicotards.

House attendance for probably the most important debate in Westminsterstan this decade.

Count the attendees on the fingers of both hands.

The vast majority of those useless fcuktards. Too busy counting their fortunes, after the 4 recent massive pay rises.

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