The site gives ZERO details. If anything this strikes me as fear-mongering to put people off good, healthy meat and dairy.

Vegans cannot be trusted, ever.

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Oct 22, 2022Liked by Peter Halligan

There is a very bad prion motif on the receptor-binding domain of every single spike protein created from the injection. If someone eats this meat they will consume this spike protein which after enough time will incubate in their brain accelerating Alzheimer's and Parkinsons and eventually leading to incurable Prion Disease. Prion Disease can take 3 to 50 years to develop and death shortly after its first symptoms but we are already starting to see it happen now.

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Many thanks for this.

The actors look the same as those responsible for the C19 injections - because they worked out so well. If these experiments follow the same path as the human mRNA equivalent injections, expect mutated variants and other "adverse events".

Surprised there is no input - rivalry- from those working on CRISPr

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This may also be either a) research into new markets for mRNA injections (animal husbandry, or simply testing something out on animals first), or one of the many steps being taken to decreased and eventually eliminate our direct access to food, primarily protein. Whatever it is, the one thing that is for sure is that the motives and sinister.

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