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If you have taken the clot-shot, there IS something you can do to save yourself. Take these 3 supplements. NAC (N Acetyl Cysteine) every single day. NAC will detox the graphene and other metal particles found in the shot from your bloodstream and organs. Ivermectin, every three days, to eliminate the toxic spike protein from your cells. Ivermectin is one of the safest drugs known, safer than Tylenol, despite what the MSM has falsely brainwashed you into believing. And then Ginkgo Biloba, once a day. Ginkgo makes the blood platelets less sticky, thinning otherwise thick blood making it less likely to clot. Other supplements to take to avoid getting sick since your immune system has virtually been destroyed by the poison shot are Zinc, which works in tandem with the Ivermectin, pushing the zinc into the cells destroying a viruses ability to replicate. Vitamin D3 greatly boosts a weakened immune system. Vitamin K2 works with the D3 making it more effective and avoiding calcium build up in the bloodstream, so your blood stays thin, not thick. Vitamin B6 and Magnesium Citrate will correct any arrhythmia caused by the shot, by regulating and correcting the heartbeat. Please do the research and confirm what I am telling you. Spread the word!!!

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And I sincerely doubt the C19 deaths. Yea sure, maybe there is something out there. But I don't think it is what were told then ... and yes even now. Where did the flu go? (And this is not a simple question with quick answers, unless it is exactly what it looks like ... which is what I think it is).

US data ...

2019-2020 --> ~38,000,000 reported flu cases.

2020-2021 --> ~1,800 reported flu cases.

I know one thing for sure, "C19" didn't "strike a deal" with the flu to take a powder for a couple years.

And I should also say, when I look at everything they did, every number that comes from them is extremely suspect. "C19 deaths" is one of those numbers.

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Hi Peter. Happy New Year.

Those are some horrific numbers. While people could quibble here & there about a stat or two, the broad facts remain for this Global Genocide. There were many more deaths than could be explained by any other thing in 2021-2022. And we know what caused many 'C19' deaths in 2020*. Wholesale quantities of Midazolam and other end of life drugs, RunDeathIsNear+Ventilators, purposefully homicidal Hospital Protocols. Failure to treat pneumonia with antibiotics due to Medical Nihilism.

In particular I found value in the 2021 and 2022 dose/deaths comparison table. They went harder in 2021 with the bioweapon deployment, and deaths are broadly correlated.

Of course those were just the prompt and short-term deaths. Turbo-Cancers seemed to manifest heavily in 2022 as the leading edge of the medium-long term kill mechanism. I've seen that in my own local setting.

For 2023, as dosing drops by quantity (but the 'new' bioweapon booster jabs have a higher % active ingredient and less placebo/saline shots; and the less tested and more toxic die-valent jabs predominate) while medium-long term kill mechanisms increasingly represent from earlier doses, one wonders what the steady-state numbers will be.

Layering it all together is rather a dark forecast, when you add the potential infertility in the children born to jabbed parents. It will take the better part of 2 decades before we know if those fears are justified. If the biggest human trial of gene therapies in the history of our species was as bad as evidence indicates it could be. A shame they Trojaned their way through as a 'Vaccine", and thus had not requirement to prove much of anything - not even that it 'worked'. Isn't the Speed Of Science fun?

All the best for 2023. Let's all hope the rosy forecasts are true. And that there are real solutions to the Tsunami of illness that is building daily. Things like EDTA chelation, to get those wicked substances out of our bodies.


*- Almost forgot - Intentionally loose criteria for cause of death. I read of a gunshot victim and a drowning victim, both 'killed' by The Coof. Clown World, hold my beer.

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