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There is no virus!

There is no test!

There is no contagion.

Everything is a lie to steal our health, wealth and freedom.

Therefore there is no spike protein, long covid or early treatment. All are a fraud.

Millions are now awake to the centuries of deception.

Best of Health and discovery!

p.s. Conclusion! All vaccines cause more harm, no exceptions!

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You would love JJ Couey..... This will not stop unless we start educating ourselves, in order to safe the next generation....... check this talk out...JJ Couey has lost everything because he wants the truth to prevail...forgo the Netflix, and the endless scrolling and take the time to listen.....he has study halls and they are all worth it....here is a recent one..... twitch.tv/videos/2057395965

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Doc Malik and JJ Couey literally mocking you about the no virus position.

Malik knows about Stefan Lanka and still shuns JJ by stating he is going to far down the no virus path.

JJ Couey even explains the cell culture issues but then he repeats the blatant mistake which Mark Bailey also makes to say that Enders did not do a control. This is an outrageous oversight! Ender’s did do a control to show that the same CPE is observed even without a "virus" sample.

JJ's continued virus clone BS is a surprise. Especially for someone who knows so much on the no virus topic.

See Virology The Damning Evidence for more:


JJ Couey, unfortunately is still pushing the virus lie. Full Malik and JJ interview here:


Follow #thegatekeepersclub telegram group - https://t.me/thegatekeeperclubh

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Thanks for the update....JJ has changed his position over these last few years a few times so there is always hope, I guess.....

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I hope so 🙏

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Thank you!

I'll have a peek.

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No problem, Doug!!!

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Enjoying it!

Accurate so far!

I just shared it to Twatter!


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I listened to this tonight as well!

On this episode of the NEWSPASTE Podcast, @JohnnyVedmore speaks with presidential candidate Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai about system science, the Swarm, and "Booby F-ing Kennedy."

Expect strong language in this episode of the NEWSPASTE Podcast. Dr. Shiva does not hold back his disdain for Trump, Tucker Carlson, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or those who work with them. Prepare to learn about what Dr. Shiva has termed "the Swarm", which is an intuitive way to see how the media, politics, business and influencers rely on a system which keeps them on top, and regular folks in chains.


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Yes, I enjoy Dr Shiva, too...

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I am sooo glad you are enjoying it....he is the real deal, honestly..... thank you!!! ...and thank you for sharing..... 🤗

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I will send a message to Dr Mark Bailey and ask him if he's interested!

JJ is reviewing Farewell to Virology | He is genuinely interested in the truth.

Hopefully, we'll see an interview soon.

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[VIDEO] If you want the BBC's official explanation to these excess deaths, here's a link to their trusty rottweiler Marianna Spring [disinformation and social media correspondent], spreading her own disgusting version of the truth:


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....and not one jab death in China which did not use mRNA tech on over a billion.

Remember all the jokes about bat soup? Where's the smoking bat? Senator Kennedy

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speaking of bats - a cure for blood clots?


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And the globalists just laugh and they laugh

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The manner of presentation is hard to follow.

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May 18, 2023Liked by Peter Halligan

Do you know about the Italian Covid data they ignored Peter? It's a big smoking gun and I'm the only one who covered it


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Good work!

How many times have you been banned from social media and raided by the police???

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Jul 6, 2023Liked by Peter Halligan

No police as of yet 😀 as far as I know. Social media, everything. Killed my linked professional network too, that was built over a decade.

Not to worry, we'll persevere.

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Google "happy hypoxia" or "silent hypoxia". This condition is unique to covid.

Rancourt doesn't understand covid.

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“Safe and effective “ Fruitdeau said he didn’t mandate the “shots “!!! This is a global totalitarian takedown of each country’s citizenry.

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you really do suck at statistics.

you probably should avoid using them since you don't understand how it works.

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They're not his numbers, they come from the National Citizens Inquiry in Quebec.

Are you suggesting that the country of Canada doesn't understand "how it works"?

Would you care to point out any commentary on the stats that you feel is being used to mischaracterize the underlying data?

(rhetorical question, we're dealing with a dolt, here)

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Who are you?

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perhaps you could enlighten the world with your expertise and state your case for "how it works".

please provide sources and methods to enable us to understand your reasoning.

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I bet he doesn't! He will slink away.....

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Thanks PH. The exposure of evil grows again.

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May 18, 2023·edited May 18, 2023Liked by Peter Halligan

Dictated early this afternoon.

Hi again Peter,

I independently calculated the same 13 million total Covid-19 vax deaths to the end of 2022 a few weeks before I read the Rancourt paper.

I used a similar but not identical methodology to Rancourt. I used Alberta total deaths data for my sample and Rancourt used Israeli and Australian total deaths data.

I also agree with Rancourt, and published in 2020 that the COVID-19 virus was not particularly lethal and was similar to other seasonal flus.

In Alberta, we had no significant excess deaths through July 1, 2020 and for several months thereafter.

I’ve also independently published that the large number of excess deaths in the USA in 2020 was due to incompetent late treatment, Remdesivir that destroys the liver and kidneys and ventilators that finished off those who were unfortunate enough to end up in the hospital system.

In summary, I independently reached the same major conclusions as Rancourt er al.

I am not going to try to reconcile any differences at this time.

Best personal regards,

Allan MacRae in Calgary.

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It seems that given the Overton Window and strict censorship laws that strike at the heart of democracy and the advancement of science, we are all being turned into "Cassandras".

I wonder in what way history will rhyme with one of the lesser told tales following the fall of Troy.

In Aeschylus ’s tragedy Agamemnon, Cassandra , was given the gift of prophecy by Apollo - the messenger of the gods - but having refused the advances of Apollo that she had promised - Apollo cursed her with so that any prophecies she made would not be believed. She accurately predicted the fall of Troy and the death of Agamemnon, but her warnings were ignored. At the fall of Troy, Ajax raped her for which crime, Athena wrecked almost all of the returning Greek fleet with a storm. Agamemnon took Cassandra as a spoil of war and she was murdered with him by Clytemnestra (his wife) and her lover Aegisthus. - Clytemnestra was then killed by Agamemnon's son Orestes and his sister Electra..

No good outcome for anyone.

All the best to you and yours.

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Published recently:


Our Colleges of Physicians and government medical authorities could not be more wrong, or more corrupt.





This is the first Chapter of my free book about the Covid and Climate frauds.

15 million people have died worldwide to 1May2023 from the toxic Covid-19 vaccines, excluding China, and that is continuing.

Another ~one billion have been vaxx-injured and their fertility badly compromised.

The toxic Covid-19 injections killed ~1.1 million Americans in 2021 and 2022, the same lost in all America’s wars back to 1776! Yes it's real!

I correctly called the Covid-19 scam in Feb2020, within the first month of its public existence and published on 21Mar2020: NO harmful Lockdowns!

On 8Jan2021 I wrote government representatives and media and strongly advised: NO toxic "vaccines"!

I estimate ~19 million Covid-19-vaxx-deaths by end 2023 - three Hitler-Holocausts, and it's still won't be over.

Most people make predictions and hope to be correct, but are usually wrong.

I make predictions and hope to be wrong, but to date have been correct.

It’s a lot less than satisfying to say “Don’t do this, you’re going to kill millions of people!” and be correct, when nobody listens…

Best, Allan

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What research and analysis! Incredible.

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Hope his numbers are correct and it's "only" 13 million dead,

I worry about India - 80% of its injections are made by Serum Institute that licenses the Oxford/AstraZeneca shot. Check the embedded link about 3.7 million deaths from 350 million injections in just four months in 2021. (the other 20% also viral vector?)

https://peterhalligan.substack.com/p/did-the-roll-out-of-approximately 350 million doses in India between April-July 2021 cause 3.7 million deaths?

2.2 billion doses (almost none for 7 months here https://ourworldindata.org/covid-vaccinations

pro-rata the 3.7 million for 350 million doses to 2.2 billion doses and you get over 23 million deaths.

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Hi Peter,

Will post more later if time – rushed now.

I independently calculated the same 13 million C-10 vaxx-caused deaths to end 2022, using Alberta total death data..

Best, Allan




I called the Covid-19 Lockdowns and Vaccines scams in Feb2020 and published on 21Mar2020, We called the Climate and Green Energy scams in 2002. All correct!

Fine young faces, our future, killed by the vaxxes. I warned everyone three years ago!

I’ve watched this carnage unfold - identified it in Feb2020, published on 21Mar2020, and was ignored. I calculated 13 million Covid-19 vaxx-deaths worldwide to end 2022, excluding China, 19 million by end 2023 unless simple, effective treatments of the Covid-19 vaxxed are started soon.

I’m just trying to save lives - millions of lives.

Safeguard those you love. No more toxic Covid-19 vaxxes. Treat the vaxxed now.

Best regards to all, Allan MacRae in Calgary


In 2020, humanity was again violently assaulted, this time by the Covid-19 Lockdowns and “Vaccines” scam. I correctly called this scam in Feb2020, within the first month of its public existence, and published on 21Mar2020:



Isolate people over sixty-five and those with poor immune systems and return to business-as-usual for people under sixty-five.

This will allow “herd immunity” to develop much sooner and older people will thus be more protected AND THE ECONOMY WON’T CRASH.”

Six months later world experts published the same recommendations in the Great Barrington Declaration.

On 8Jan2021 I wrote government representatives and media and strongly advised:

”The Covid-19 vaccine developments were rushed and are not proven safe or effective and should NOT be taken, especially by the low-risk population - those under-65 or recovered from Covid-19. The two experimental Covid-19 vaccines that contain mRNA (Pfizer and Moderna) are especially risky – due to unknown future side-effects, the risk-to-reward is far too high for the low-risk group.”

Two years later the Surgeon General of Florida made the same recommendation.

I first published this graph in 2021 – IMPORTANT: there was no major increase in Total Deaths to 1Jul2020, the end of the first Covid-19 flu season. Total Deaths are typically much greater in the Winter flu season every year.

The reason there was NO significant total death increase in Alberta in the 12 months from 1Jul2019 to 30Jun2020, the first “Covid-19 flu year”, was because competent Alberta physicians practiced early treatment. Pre-Covid 2017-2018 was a worse flu-year than Covid flu-year 2019-2020 for total deaths. This proves that the Covid-19 illness was not a dangerous plague, was not fatal to the general population and the panicked over-reaction to Covid-19 was wrong, and needlessly cost trillions of dollars and millions of lives.

The Covid-19 “vaccines” were deployed in Alberta in Jan2021. There was a large increase in total deaths for all ages after the toxic Covid-19 injections were deployed.

The big increase in Total Deaths happened by 1H2021 and was caused by the toxic Covid-19 “vaccines”. There is credible evidence that this carnage was not an error, but was known to insiders in advance.

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Hi Allan,

I replied to an email from Dan Fournier with the following:

"It's a sorry pass when we can hope Rancourt's estimate of 13 million vaxx deaths is correct, rather than 20 million from Dr Ellison (posted on my substack today) or my own - which I believe reflects the lethality of Oxford/AstraZeneca doses used in India, and Russia, rather than the Moderna/Pfizer shots used elsewhere - and closer to 40 million deaths!

I would really love to be wrong about AZN - but I think the health systems in India are so appalling that India failed to accurately record C19 deaths and vaxx deaths.

Half a million extra deaths a month in India from around March 2021 onwards? I hope that is not the case.

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I agree Peter

India, Russia, China are wild cards - the 13 million Covid-19 vaxx-caused-deaths is a lower bound, excluding one or all of these countries. I project 19 million deaths to end 2023.

Copying the toxic Green propagandists, that is 2 "Hitler-Holocausts" to end 2022 and three to end 2023.

"Hitler-Holocausts": the new units of leftist mass-murder.

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The depth/breadth of the scam is breathtaking.

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Dan Fournier is doing excellent real journalism. Thanks for highlighting this article.

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Our government wants us dead.

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