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Sigh. This is circling the drain. Many fully engaged in observing this murderous assault from the outset grew weary of Campbell's tedious regurgitation of Pfizer studies etc... The fix was in and he was part of it, until most recently when the monstrous data (excess mortality) and the highly likely causal relationship became embarrassingly impossible to deny. I have little time for the man or his cautious careful analysis designed not to jeopardize or erase his YouTube status. For example, he could present his graphic temporal data of excess mortality and superimpose the temporal execution of shots and boosters. He studiously appears to avoid doing just that.

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THEY ALL KNEW...which is the only logical conclusion to be drawn...they knew the killing fields would be created..and that this “vaccine” was both dangerous and ineffective...and now they are trying their best to both deflect from responsibility and still keep an “emergency designation” to this crime to avoid prosecution by State DAs here in the US. By any definition the Dems/Progressives have blood on their hands but “look there”...we have Biden document scandal and a paid CCP FBI counterintelligence boss....so what other deflection from this Admin will come out to keep the COVId massive Watergate off the Media/Internet circuit. Yet how quiet are the relative/parents of those lost and disabled are???...are they being pressured to remain quiet “or else”? And yet OUR Govt is STILL pushing this “vaccine” on the airways...and Biden renews the “emergency condition” giving Big Pharma immunity????!!!

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Yes, I saw the same video.

What really had me concerned (which parallels your concern about the weeks leading to the 6th of January 2023), is what Dr. Campbell says at ~4:09:


"In the second half of 2022, there [were] 26,300 excess deaths compared to 4,700 in the first half of 2022. So way way more excess deaths in the second half of 2022, compared to the first half of 2022."


There were over 5X the excess deaths in the second half of last year, as compared to the first half.

That means that things are accelerating.

That's really scary.

I really should write a Substack article about this. We (society) need to talk about this.

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Just a reminder for everyone...

Sunak, Britain's unelected (by anyone including Tory Party members) Prime Minister...

Former Goldman Sachs;

Close ties with the World Economic Forum, unelected as Prime Minister he was installed to carry out their nefarious agenda;

Billionaire wife, richest woman in the UK, non-domiciled tax status;

Obtained a US Green Card during his time in office;

Father-in-law owns Infosys, the technology provider for Digital ID/CBDC/Social Credit system in India;

Sunak's father-in-law has a £900m-a-year joint venture with Amazon, big part of the Great Reset;

Sunak co-founded the hedge fund Theleme, which had an initial fund of £536m, registered in the Cayman Islands;

Major share holder in Moderna, Theleme was an early investor, the same time Moderna were patenting a genetic sequence remarkably the same as part of the genome of the SARS-COV-2 virus;

Sunak refused to disclose how much profit his investment in Moderna had made through CoVID vaccines;

When Sunak's own backbencher MP's demanded these "vaccines" be withdrawn from use, Sunak refused and replied with "The vaccines are safe and effective."

Just to add, I do NOT trust Richard Tice at this point and obviously not Starmer either.

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Dr Campbell is amazed that all the “authorities” responsible for the ongoing genocide will not admit to that happening? This is classic criminal behavior. Admitting there is a mass die off caused by you will start you down a path to jail cell or execution. They know this.

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Took Dr Campbell a year or over a year to change his mind about the shot even when he interviewed vaccinated injured people. And I can’t recall Dr Campbell apologizing for recommending the poison shot ? So he might want to be patient or either get ready for more disappointment.

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