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I know a lot of people that paid good money to get fake vaccination documents so they could hold their jobs, travel by air, etc. without having to worry about dying from the death jab. I would suppose this type of activity has caused the vaccination statistics to be skewed. As bad as the statistics are for people who got vaxxed then died, it would be worse if you removed all the people that actually didn't get vaxxed and didn't die. It makes the vaccine look safer than it actually is.

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"However they spin it the ONS estimate of only 8% adults unvaccinated compromises their conclusions on vaccine safety.

Spoiler: In May 2022 the ONS estimated just 8% of adults in England were unvaccinated. But this was based on their (biased) subset of the England population. If their estimate is correct and other independent estimates for the whole population are also correct then between 69% and 99.6% of adults missing from their sample are unvaccinated."

formulaic proof in the article.

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There is no Covid. It was never isolated, the CDC has no samples of isolated virus. It is all a huge hoax to introduce the c-19 vaccines, which are , in fact, bioweapons full of poison to reduce the world population. More and more people are learning the truth. Medical professionals who have supported this better run for the hills. Nuremberg 2 Trials are coming. Hang them all!

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This is a bit of a dilemma. If the side inflicting harms is treated as an enemy (as the unvaxxed were) they are less likely to want to communicate and get on the right side of history to save lives and stop wounding people.

maybe this will all change once a few law suits are brought against the most heinous offenders, from medics, through administrators, regulators and politicians - a few scapegoats might "red-pill" a few sheep and end the madness.

I am convinced that this case brought to the ICC has an equivalence in the US legal system


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It's not about variants or generations. The payload is graphene and LNPs. It is a bioweapon, hands down. THAT's why the "bi-valent variant boosters" are so quick to market, and THAT's why FDA has given full approval to any and all garbage injections coming out of Pig Pharma.

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More good informstion. Preaching to the choir! But getting the vaxxed to listen against their own fears and hubris, I have given up. And I tried all sumner at the beach. Besides hearing the obvious it would have been worse there was "I was out too much at the gym" "We got it at the airport" and "I think it was from a wedding". All vaxxed. All from people that canceled plans with me or treated me like a leper in 2021. So keep collecting good data and maybe it will sink in.

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Thanks. With access to verifiably accurate and timely data I am sure that Life and Health Insurance companies already know what is going on. Pay-outs and cost trends from the actuaries working in those places would be really helpful. I think more progress will be made as shareholders and policyholders in these companies see lower profits and increased premia for lower benefits in the private sector and ballooning costs for national health coutries.

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Of course they lied

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Remember, in the "roll out", how it was all about "not enough doses"? What if large #'s of lab rats got saline? Who would be the wiser? How would they be the wiser? And Pharma just pockets the "change".

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What gets my goat is the complete lack of interest in testing the assumption that those most vulnerable should receive the injection = an agist generalization. Not all the most elderly are the most vulnerable.

In any event, check this out for how all vaxx deaths were thrown into the unvaxxed category if they occurred within 14 days of injection - because "the vaxx could not possibly have killed anyone that quickly".


and compare that with the bottom graph here for when most vaxx deaths occur.


within 14 days!!!!

now you have to factor in whether a medic would ascribe death from the vaxx several months after injection - i doubt it.

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If a government is involved, then yes, they most assuredly lie.

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FACT CHECK: ‘The Times’ says “Antivaxers are a menace who must be defeated” among other FALSE claims but the truth is the Triple Vaccinated account for 94% of Covid-19 Deaths

Darzi, who also just happens to be the director of the Institute of Global Health Innovation at Imperial College, London then goes on to claim the following –

"The growing anti-vaccine movement is a threat to public health here (UK) and across the Globe.

Over 3.7 million people in Britain (6.4 per cent) are yet to have a single dose of the Covid vaccine.

The risk of death is 14 times higher in the unvaccinated and without full coverage the danger to the wider population is increased.

Thousands of deaths have been linked to vaccine refusal. Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that 37,961 unvaccinated people in the UK died with Covid-19 mentioned on their death certificates between January 2021 and March 2022."

Lies and obfuscations.

From the article:

"..approximately 18.9 million people have refused the Covid-19 vaccine in England alone and remain completely unvaccinated. "

"..there have only been 6,235 deaths among the unvaccinated. This compares to 27,726 deaths among the vaccinated."

There are three charts in the Expose article that cover C19 deaths for the periods 1 March 2021 to 31 July 2021, 1 August 2021 to 31 December 2021 and 1 January 2022 to 31 May 2022 - using ONS data.

These charts clearly show the monthly breakdowns of unvaxxed v vaxxe4d deaths.

Of note, from here: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/uk/ C19 deaths between 1 March 2021 and 31 May 2022 increased from 124,128 to 178,903 = +54,775

The Expose monthly data from ONS totals 34,051 - a difference of 20,724 between the sources used. The unvaxxed monthly total sum to 6,261 and the vaxxed sum to 27,790. The article sums the unvaxxed and vaxxed to 6,235 and 27,726

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