How long will the antigen last, you ask. Well at a purchase of 250 million jabs per year, roughly 3.5 for every man woman and child in the UK they must be expecting it to last about 3 months!

Regards, Mike

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You nailed it and that's assuming everyone takes it.

WHO target for over 65's is generally met = >75%

I doubt that any more than a third of people below 65 get a flu shot, so how is that going to work? the "fu burden" is not severe and the flu shot is no more effective than chicken soup - is the claim going to be "we will eradicate influenza"? only to further expose the criminal fraud that is the big pharma model - "we make you sick so we make money"?

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MODERNA. mode rna , with the messenger. Exactly what they did! SHOOT THE MESSENGER !!

Thanks again, Dr John Campbell.

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