Hypothesis? Is that a “question” or “ statement” based upon probability.....The Progressive simply puts out garage as fast as they keyboards can state such then demand YOU to spend a great deal of time to prove 100% that they were wrong ..which leads back to the definition of hypothesis...and even includes Big Pharma. Or how to put the real data within the Media which

If drug data can be overstated, mis-stated, meant of mis-informed, never adequately communicated, desires 75 yrs of sealing, and is allowed to go thru a regulatory agencies with similar mischiefed goals then what are the taxpayers/citizens to believe ???...better to believe data prior to say COVID planning days...years before plan development implementation.

This applies to all drugs...if there is huge amounts of money involved COVID scheme seems to be the blueprint...the Court mandated released records reveals the chapters of this book but we must learn out similar “ new drugs” can be sold in the same way.

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Feb 9, 2023Liked by Peter Halligan

Thank you Peter for the healthy 'hypothesis'. The anger these reviews of the state of our Liar's world creates a pressing need to walk.

As far as human Involvement vs. Apathy re their own survival, I was always irritated as a kid that so few stepped up as leaders. It was like an expectation they'd be taken care of by someone who dared speak up. The onus of consequences including retaliation of course, was also laid across ones shoulders, accompanying the crown of thorns.

Is your brow furrowed permanently?

Mine is.

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Feb 9, 2023Liked by Peter Halligan

There is a fair amount of evidence that supports your hypothesis. From actual/sincere experts, on the ground studies and historical data. Steven Kirsch shares this view as do I.

There may be a few decent and helpful ones out there (maybe), but the continuous ever increasing number of them seen to be more of a "because we can" than anything else.

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Note to Peter Halligan - Preliminary - I will rerun my numbers:

I calculated approx. 13,500 excess deaths from 1H2020 to 1H2023 in Alberta using this data:


I attribute these excess deaths to the toxic Covid-19 Lockdowns and "Vaccines".

That gives me ~20 million excess deaths due to the toxic vaxxes worldwide to 1H2023, ~similar to one of your early estimates.

There were essentially NO excess deaths in Alberta to 1H2020, because our doctors did early treatment of Covid-19 symptoms, unlike the USA.

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It's not an hypothesis ... it's very real ... and time is very short ... for people to wake up to it ...



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