Thanks PH. Putin? As if he gives a toss what the ICC or anyone else on earth convicts him of.

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Well done for making the necessary connection with the Hannah Rose case. It was the ICC’s utter lack of action on that case submitted by Hannah Rose, Mike Yeadon and others, concurrent with the lack of action by the Met Police on the Mark Sexton case, and radio silence in the MSM, that was a major penny drop for me. The scale of just how deep the rot goes became clear, and the ongoing growth of that scale and depth of corruption is matched only by the clarity of seeing it all in plain sight.

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It's interesting how media propaganda works - it just turns everything around!!! And CNN was paid from the beginning for the lies!

Ukrainian MP calls for Concentration Camps for Russian speaking people!



Ukrainians burning and shooting Russian speaking people


Genocide of Russian-speaking Ukrainians


"The Ukrainian Embassy in France begged Canal+ not to broadcast their documentary, 'Masks of the Revolution'.

If you watch it, you'll understand why."


You should always see the context, because this fact

Video: Seymour Hersh in Conversation. On U.S. Sabotage of Nord Stream Pipelines


and if youtube censored, then you can see and hear it here


Seymour Hersh's article here:


Prof. Jeffrey Sachs and Ray McGovern address UN Security Council on Nord Stream investigations | Consortium News, February 22, 2023


of course needs a lot of distraction!!!

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Mar 17, 2023Liked by Peter Halligan

Well, I guess the ICC has been politicized/weaponized. Pull the plug on them.Let's start our own..with

the US Biden and DOD the first to be charged

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I really want to go after the WHO

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Peter, just an appendage of the WEF, Wellcome, BMGF, UNEP et al.

A thorough cauterization is required. I think we're at a similar (worse) point when the League of Nations became pointless and useless in the face of tyranny.

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Mar 17, 2023·edited Mar 17, 2023Liked by Peter Halligan

Its amusing these people are criminals, and if you know anything they only charge people who do not do what they say and do not go along with their agenda.. Where is the arrest warrant for Gates????LOL, what is truly funny, is that they do not care about children period, what a joke.. If they did they would be issuing arrest warrants for Biden, gates, Fauci, FDA crew, the NZ and Australian rulers, on and on, but they are going after Putin because he is fighting against them, so they have corrupted every organization, and this is how we can now tell who is corrupt or not by who they go after and what they say.. So keep track of the leaders of the ICC now, because they are corrupt.. How do they feel about kids getting 40 vaccines, isn't that criminal???? So ignore the ICC, they are like the CDC, FAA, FDA, WHO and all the rest, corrupt..

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Totally agree!

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