The lobbies drain the pockets of families, impose death policies encouraged by their shameless politicians by reducing third world states, health, education, safety, industry, inflation, energy, forced immigration of men of military age,

Censorship, propaganda, corruption of judges, impunity, time is serious

Christian exemption, exemption of faith and many apocalyptic revelations


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In relation to the graphs---when were the key dates in NZ vaccine roll out

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11 minute video

Dr David Martin is highly competent. He is bringing Murder Charges against the criminals who pushed the toxic Covid-19 “vaccines” – Big Pharma and their complicit medical authorities and politicians.

The best estimate of worldwide deaths to date from these toxic injections is 20 million, and it’s not over – this Winter and Spring will be hell, primarily because the Covid-vaxxed have greatly reduced immunity, and are highly susceptible to bacterial and viral infections and new rapid “turbo-cancers”.

Our health authorities are obviously incompetent to advise us on the Covid-19 scam – they are still following the corrupt, self-serving Pfizer/Moderna/AstraZeneca false narrative that has killed tens of millions and vaxx-injured billions worldwide. The toxic Covid-19 “vaccines” are still being pushed by our health authorities, and life-saving Ivermectin is still being banned. This criminal approach continues to kill Albertans.


I took all my flu shots up to and including Fall 2019 but I never believed the Covid con – I identified the fraud in Feb2020 based on foreign reliable data and correctly called the Covid-19 lockdown scam in an online post on 21Mar2020. That’s almost THREE YEARS AGO.

I correctly advised our Alberta and Canadian governments to NOT deploy the toxic Covid-19 injections on 8Jan2021. THAT’S TWO YEARS AGO!

I only publish when I am certain.

See CorrectPredictions.ca

I have emailed the following CURATIVE NEXT STEPS to governments and media since 20Nov2022 – we are out of time.


NEXT STEPS – URGENT ACTIONS (Repeatedly sent to you since 20Nov2022):

Every day of delay costs more lives of Albertans of all ages, including our children.


- Stop ALL Covid-19 injections immediately; DO NO MORE HARM!

- Make available the best medical treatment to reduce harm to the vaxxed;

- Make inexpensive, voluntary, over-the-counter “Ivermectin +” treatments legally available for treatment of the Covid illness and the injection-injured;

- Reinstate and compensate those who were dismissed from their employment because they were unvaxxed;

- Reinstate medical workers and others who were persecuted because they spoke out against Covid-19 fraud;

- Investigate and prosecute those responsible for this murderous medical fraud.

Regards, Allan MacRae in Calgary


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lol so you were conned right up to the moment covid came along, well done for waking up. What did you used to think about the anti-vax freaks?

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Hi Tracy - My 21Mar2020 warning about the Covid-19 scam was the earliest, or one of the earliest anywhere. Yes - I was not an anti-vaxxer - that made my correct call about the murderous Covid scam much more difficult. I have a strong scientific and technical reputation and do not publish unless I am certain.

I had to correctly analyse the science and the propaganda, reject my former trust of the medical profession, reach a rational conclusion and have the courage to publish it.

Now you are going to tell me you have been an anti-vaxxer for years and what...?

Does that make you really smart, or really stupid?

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No seriously, I was asking you....because the anti-vaxxers took so much flack for so long from those who did trust the pharmaceutical industry and vaccine propaganda. So I'm curious if you used to be one of those people who did denigrate and discredit anti-vaxxers or did you have a live n let live philosophy? I've been trying to raise the issue around the vaccine killing babies for years, and no one gave a toss. It was heart breaking. Now grown-ups were being forced to get jabbed, and we now see the horrific side effects, that have been happening to babies for decades, in adults who can actually complain about it.

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Hi Tracy - Vaxx was not a big issue for me. I did no research and had no opinion.

My expertise is energy and environment, and I have the best or one of the best (earliest and most accurate) predictive track records on those subjects. "The ability to correctly predict is the best objective measure of scientific competence."

See CorrectPredictions.ca

I thought RFK Jr was excessive on those energy and environmental issues that are my expertise but did not know much about vaccines. (Cowpox, Smallpox, etc.)

Now I've stopped taking ALL vaccines because I cannot trust my health authorities and I don't know that I ever will. Permanent loss of trust?

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What I find interesting is the temporal closeness of her announcement and the Davos Summit.

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Evil WEF wench. If nothing else, not only does this confirm Klaus Schwab's minions are evil, it also confirms it is time to get women out of politics, and corporations, and back to having and leading decent families. For 100's of thousands of years, women were in charge of one thing, children. They were happier, the planet was happier.

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Assisted suicide in some dark corner of the solar system is always available to them. Live by the policy, die by the policy.

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Ah yes! They LOVE assisted suicide. They should take advantage of the “services” they push on those they view as “less than.”

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Greta the sad little barking lemming waits her turn...

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She must truly be in misery internally.

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Indeed. What with that fake arrest and all!

Gee, i thot AOC was a wackjob.

It must be a contest for the dumb award. Darwin Award?

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Well well well! They can run but they'll never be able to hide from their Crimes.

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Prosecute her!

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Did she resign because she knows she's a busted flush?

Or has she resigned because she's done her shift and it's time for her to move out of the spotlight and retreat into a Globalist sinecure position as a "consultant"?

Or has it been decided by the WEF that she's a dispensable pawn who didn't live up to their expectations?

If people like Ardern or Johnson or Trudeau or Merkel or Biden fall from their public position, I'm not convinced that they have really been undone. I'll only believe that when they're standing on a trapdoor with a rope around their necks.

Please God, may I live to see that day!

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Best news of the day. Prosecute by all means.

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As one of the most ardent pushers and enforcers of the noxious experimental genetic injectable, if her departure was due to “red pilling”, she should could be a powerful ally. I’ll give it a 5% chance

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