Yeah, pretty tasteless remarks given the available scientific literature on the topic.

Mathew Crawford has a different take on the batch/lot toxicity that I found very worthwhile:


Plus, what do you make of DNA jabs looking much better than the modRNA ones here?


By the way: Two of the authors, Christine Stabell Benn and her husband Peter Aaby, have done very interesting work (very much from within the system) on vaccines in general, particularly in Guinea-Bissau and Denmark.

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I haven't looked in an depth with my layman's (getting v tired!) eye.

I had a quick browse of these articles

Up and running in India




Safety and Immunogenicity of a DNA SARS-CoV-2 vaccine (ZyCoV-D): Results of an open-label, non-randomized phase I part of phase I/II clinical study by intradermal route in healthy subjects in India

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7749647/ - DNA vaccines against COVID-19: Perspectives and challenges


A brief review on DNA vaccines in the era of COVID-19

and https://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04445389

Safety and Immunogenicity Study of GX-19, a COVID-19 Preventive DNA Vaccine in Healthy Adults

I did not follow-up to check for Phase 3 or Phase 4 trials/roll-outs

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Holtz is correct. Anti-science of the 'not a vaccine' jabs is not a scientific help. Its anti help. Elite help to cull the population of conservatives. Has he been shot up with that posion? He reverses the facts like most lefties do. Reversing the harm they commit on to others. He sounds like a pro at reverse blame. Can we impeach him for non human acts against humanity?

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I stumbled on your blog about an hour ago and have spent that time carefully reading this post and processing the information contained in it. Your opening sentence caught my attention immediately (For context, I have a degree in anthropology and a particular interest in the ancient cultures of the Levant, the Nile River Valley and the mediterranean.)

"A sadistic, malevolent worshipper of Moloch, Peter Hotez labels those using evidence based analysis as “far-right."

Peter Hotez may be a malevolent sadist as you claim, I don't know him so I really can't say whether he is or not. What I can say with a fair degree of certainty is that it's highly unlikely that he worships Moloch. Allow me to explain. Moloch is a misunderstood character with a bit of a PR problem, largely due to medieval theologians, both Christian and Jewish, who included him in demonology texts such as the Ars Goetia. But his most famous appearance is in John Milton's Paradise Lost where he is described as the chief of Satan's angels and the greatest warrior in Hell. It's a cool story but it's also complete bollocks.

Moloch wasn't a demon, he was a god, a very old god who predated Judaism. He was worshipped by the Canaanites, the Phoenicians and the Carthaginians. There were even Israelites living in Canaan who worshipped Moloch as well as Yahweh. Moloch's transformation from a Canaanite god to a Christian demon can be traced back to the Old Testament and a handful of verses that mention him. These passages condemn the worship of Moloch and warn followers of Yahweh against having any involvement with Moloch's cult and for good reason. The primary method of worshipping Moloch was child sacrifice and it was this despicable practice that eventually destroyed an entire nation and ended the worship of Moloch for good.

One of the places where Moloch was worshipped was Carthage, in what is now Tunisia. Carthage's position along the Mediterranean coast made it one of the most important trading ports in the ancient world and Carthage became extremely wealthy and influential as a result. But the fact that the Carthaginians sacrificed childen to their God horrified some of the cultures they traded with, especially the Romans. The Romans had a number of reasons, both political and economical, for wanting to destroy Carthage (Hannibal anyone? No not the cannibal, the other one). But the practice of child sacrifice outraged ordinary Romans so much that they fully supported going to war with Carthage.

Carthage was a port city so rather than suffer mass casualties in a series of bloody battles, the Romans simply surrounded the city on land and by sea, trapping the Carthaginians inside. The siege of Carthage lasted for three years and as their situation became ever more desperate, the Carthaginians turned to their god for help. They sacrificed more and more of their children to Moloch in hopes that he would answer their prayers and save the beleaguered city and it's people. Those prayers were not answered, instead after three long years the Romans broke down the gates and flooded into the city.

As the legions advanced into the city, the Roman general Scipio gave his troops this chilling order...

"All of you spread fear, flight and terror in this city of Carthage."

Scipio himself had been ordered to erase Carthage, to burn it to the ground and that's exactly what he did. The Roman troops systematically set fire to the city, district by district, razing the city in a fire that burned unchecked for 17 days. The obliteration of Carthage was mostly revenge for the early Punic wars and greed for Carthage's great wealth. But there are accounts from a handful of Roman soldiers about what they witnessed upon entering the places where Moloch was worshipped. These hardened legionaires talk of the horror of seeing tiny bones, the skulls of children, some so tiny they must have been babies.

The worshippes of Moloch were utterly destroyed and that destruction was so thorough, so brutal and so horrifying that his cult never recovered. I don't know if Moloch applied for a job in Hell following the fall of Carthage, maybe he did, but I suspect not even Satan would have been willing to hire him.

As for the antivaxxer stuff, I'm not a chemist or an epidemiologist so I'll refrain from commenting on that particular subect.

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Nice, didn't see that reaction coming. Very interesting little excursion. And kudos for delivering such an oustandingly detailed answer to a crowd that it would seem you'd be likely to label as "antivaxxer". That of course being a term loaded with negative connotations, I would even argue a weaponised term.

Actually, without wanting to be pushy and only speaking for myself: since it is so rare for what I'd prefer to call the Health Freedom Movement to meet an "outsider", your views on the "antivaxxer stuff" would be welcome here, if you're willing to have some sort of debate on whatever level is appropriate.

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Thanks for the heads up. I thought the Carthaginian version of Moloch was Baal?

Anyway, I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I have read a lot about the three Punic Wars, and the many decades during intra war periods where there were extensive trade ties and cultural exchanges

The decade or so that Hannibal spent in Italy laying waste or cementing alliances, while legions Romans cowered from him (Cannae was brutal!) is interesting. Scipio reportedly weeping at the thought that Rome would inevitably suffer the same fate as Cartage was both poignant and prophetic. Maybe this paved the way for Ceasar's genocidal rampages across western Europe.

Anyway, thanks again for your time. All the best

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This is the most brilliant summary of the C19 and "vaccine" madness I have ever read. Thank you.

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You are welcome. Everyone knows or has access to the evidence - everyone can assess it, interpret it and listen to the views of others. That's how we evolve as a species!

The damage done to the collective psyche of mankind means that we cannot even hug each other without trepidation.

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Dec 21, 2022Liked by Peter Halligan

I call for a Law/bill that tests everyone to check their vaccine status and give them a certificate so we can track who are shedding this MRNA poison around the healthy unvaxxed.

How many Pols and Celebs would be outed as not actually vaxxed? Obama? FJB? How many videoed their poison injections, but really did not get the vaccine? That's what I want to know. That and hold everyone who attacked us accountable for this crime against humanity. Add that on top of the people who made this bioweapon and helped design and pay for it to be tared and feathered in the public square.

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Agreed. ALL the measures that the vaxx nazis attempted to impose on the unvaxxed because of their ignorant and virtue signalling hysteria - should be considered for the vaxxed.

Of course, this would not be practical. 80% have received at least one dose.

But we need a "shedding test" that is equivalent to the RT-PCR test with people sent home until they stop shedding. (Why am I getting visuals of snakes shedding their skins!).

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PH The most outstanding truther on this our dear planet!

Massive thank for your tremendous efforts in exposing the filth & evil. surrounding this scamdemic.

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Thanks. There are millions like us trying to get the word out. The dam will break soon.

Humanity deserves better than a kakistocracy manipulated by megalomaniacs. - "we are not lab rats".

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WOW! Scorching - a keeper - great summary!

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Excellent---yup, the tests didn't work, the masks didn't work, lockdowns, school closures, vaccine passports, vaccine, ventilators didn't work , but noone is accountable.

Try this


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Do you believe they’re panicking?

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Totalitarianism at it's "finest". Some pretty wicked folks out there, and they seem to have no problem stacking sin upon sin.

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There must be some contaminated vax Japan refused left for Hotez and friends personal use.

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Dec 20, 2022·edited Dec 20, 2022Liked by Peter Halligan

I agree.

Dec 18, 2022, 8:13 PM, I reply tweeted:

@PeterHotez and the @WHO are arrogant, duplicitous, narcissistic, manipulative, and psychopathic; straight-out EVIL.


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But I also disagree.

While long-term safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 mRNA gene "therapy" toxic concoctions in humans data does not yet exist, and the current short-term data overtly demonstrates they are not even remotely safe or effective in humans, the mRNA "vaccines" are NOT "experimental".

The injuring/deadly effects of the COVID-19 mRNA "vaccines" for humans are not by "mistake".

Pfizer, Moderna et al knew from 25+ yrs of mRNA animal experimentation that "mRNA immunization" caused/s harm, illness & death to all the animals.




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Your point is well made...but... it IS experimental in the sense that no mRNA had been tested on billions of people of all shapes, sizes, healthiness, ages, genders, ethnicities, daily activity levels and so on.

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Dec 20, 2022·edited Dec 20, 2022Liked by Peter Halligan

Thank you. I agree with that statement as well.

However, the way I deduce that the mRNA "vaccine" concoctions are not truly/actualy "experimental" is because the effects to humans by the mRNA concoctions can be reasonably inferred/expected by past experimentation on a variety of animals that are immunologically similar to humans.

If/when animals (mice, rats, monkeys, dogs, etc.) are injected, gased, or coated with known particular toxins/chemicals/drugs/biologics, or their bodies/heads tortured/smashed/stabbed/punctured/crushed/electrocuted with objects/devices, have organs removed during vivisections, and so on, that then cause injury, sickness/illness, disease, and/or death within seconds, minutes, days, or weeks, and this kind of experimentation was done tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of times over 25+ years we can reasonably deduce that some to all these effects will occur to humans.

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Dec 20, 2022Liked by Peter Halligan

They are getting desperate. The time for us to quadruple down is now!!!

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Indeed psychotic spectrum of individuals became utter insane in my life likewise on macro level.

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