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Thank you ever so much for your wisdom, your knowledge, and for giving us all of the information and backup articles, which are so important... we’ve been trying to spread the word for years for people to wake up to what’s going on and to have everything in this condensed form is wonderful... so many of you are so brave to do this. We must be undaunted and speak out....sadly so many are still in a slumber ....they don’t think this could happen, and I’d like to think it didn’t. but reality dictates that it did... and for people that are taking the boosters with every booster it just seems like they’re more and more immersed in the blind obedience of a bunch of crazed maniacal, sadistic, elites, and scientists who want to off people..... It is plain simple language ....they want to kill people they want to depopulate, oh but wait. they don’t want themselves to be off’d. Oh no, they take very good care of themselves....it’s just you little people , you’re useless eaters we don’t need you bye-bye ... Well elites and your evil b’s perhaps you should start with yourselves because the American population as well as the global population aren’t swallowing your garbage anymore....the mad scientists put distance between when the jab and the turbo cancers, the heart disease, the blood clotting factors, the immune disorders and neurological disorders all have been experienced and many have suffered and died, many are permanently injured... right now still there are medical professionals pushing the fake jab on little children as well and drs. know what it’ll do to them and they pushed it on pregnant women who have had more miscarriages and still births....to read the stats follow Dr. James Thorp.... and yet there’s an eerie calm in this country. Oh, wait a minute we can’t say anything, don’t say anything, you might get in trouble, freak that....how dare we be quiet because silence implies consent we all know that, and so just people continue walking into the death cars willingly ....give me another one I want another booster. My trusted doctor said I needed it. My doctor wouldn’t lie to me never.... and that’s the mindset with many people ....they’re under a spell but they also don’t want to read in research. They just want to “follow the Leader” and that’s so sad.... you’re going to lockstep yourself to death if you don’t wake up and again I am not addressing this to anybody who’s reading this because anybody who’s reading this substack article knows what’s going on and they have known it for quite a while. We just want to impart knowledge to others when we see death,destruction, and harm going to another human being. We want to help stop it because we all took an oath to do no harm ever and that also is the fundamental tenant of life.

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Well said.

otice the projection of the pro-vaxxers - they accuse those trying to save harms and lives of trying to kill and harm people.

It's the other way round. Itis the pro-vaccers who are trying to kil and harm.

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Exactly Sir! Please keep writing wonderful Substack articles. Knowledge is power & we are forever learning each day🦋

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