Porter Stansberry seems to have figured out what’s going on in this dystopian world and who is behind it. He names Larry Fink of Blackrock and Michael Bloomberg as the protagonists.

Watch the first part – I am not endorsing the $1000 purchase.

Let me know what you think.

Best, Allan

The Two Men Destroying America


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Curious facts:

Ivermectin (IVM) was banned in Western countries circa March 2020 and low-dose IVM cures Covid-19 in about one week with no side-effects. Who banned it? How was the ban instituted all over the Western world? This is one key point to start the criminal investigation.

A handful of African leaders refused the Covid-19 lockdowns ... and died soon thereafter. Curiouser.

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How many senior politicians and insider medical authorities received the real Covid-19 "vaccines" and how many got saline?

Opinions welcome:

I say ALL of the top brass and their families got saline.

It would take a blood test to verify - and that could be faked too..

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Remdesivir was, I believe, a USA treatment - and it was often fatal - used to pump-up the numbers of deaths. Reportedly called "run-death-is-near" in USA hospitals.

I don't think it was widely used in the UK or Canada. Canada and Alberta had no excess deaths for the six 12-month periods ending 1July2020, No excess deaths means NO scary pandemic - just another winter flu. Be very afraid - but not from this flu - from corrupt medical authorities.

See CorrectPredictions.ca for the table and graph.

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Dec 15, 2022Liked by Peter Halligan

How many of those nurses murdered covid patients with Remdesivir and midazolam?

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Hi Peter and thank you for your good work. Please confirm receipt of this long post.

I sent the following this morning to our Alberta Government:



If we had treated COVID-19 like a normal flu with no lockdowns and no “vaccines”, like I recommended in March 2020, the Covid-19 virus would be extinct by now. Humanity would have developed herd immunity, as it has to multitudes of previous viruses and the alleged Covid-19 “crisis” would have ended months ago. Competent epidemiologists have stated that you NEVER vaccinate into an epidemic, because the vaccines encourage the evolution of the variants – that is basic Darwinian biology. As long as we continue to use the Covid-19 vaccines, the virus will mutate and survive. Neither the Covid-19 lockdowns nor the “vaccines” were ever justified – they were a public health disaster and the most costly medical error (fraud) in human history.

In reality, the “safe and effective” Covid-19 “vaccines” were not effective and certainly not safe. Many more people have died from the toxic Covid-19 “vaccines” than from the virus. Peter Halligan, former Chief Scientist for Wales, estimates that the current death toll from the Covid-19 “vaccines” is 20 million, +/- 50% and it is far from over. The lockdowns and inappropriate medical treatments killed many more.

I correctly called the Covid-19 Lockdown-and-Vaccine scam on 21March2020 – that could have saved tens of millions of lives worldwide.



Isolate people over sixty-five and those with poor immune systems and return to business-as-usual for people under sixty-five.

This will allow “herd immunity” to develop much sooner and older people will thus be more protected AND THE ECONOMY WON’T CRASH.


This full-lockdown scenario is especially hurting service sector businesses and their minimum-wage employees – young people are telling me they are “financially under the bus”. The young are being destroyed to protect us over-65’s. A far better solution is to get them back to work and let us oldies keep our distance, and get “herd immunity” established ASAP – in months not years. Then we will all be safe again.

Six months later world-class physicians and researchers made the same recommendation in their Great Barrington Declaration.

See CorrectPredictions.ca for links, etc.

In fact, the Covid-19 was a scam driven by Big Pharma and a deeply corrupted public health establishment. This scam has cost humanity trillions of dollars and tens of millions of lives and it’s not over. I believe that the death toll this winter will be catastrophic, especially for the vaccinated. Western Europe will be doubly impacted because of their over-investment in the Climate-and-Green-Energy scam.

Existing drugs like Ivermectin have proved safe and effective at treating Covid-19 – much more so than the toxic Covid-19 “vaccines”. We need to identify whoever made ivermectin illegal for the treatment of Covid-19, and who directed all the associated criminal conduct, try them and imprison them. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida is already started a Grand Jury inquiry of the Covid-19 scam. British MP Andrew Bridgen has exposed the facts of the Covid-19 conspiracy in a recent speech to the UK Parliament.

The false propaganda of the Covid-19 scam is rapidly being exposed and the truth is becoming known to the general public. Those who choose to perpetuate this obvious scam will become increasingly isolated and discredited. It is alleged that Justin Trudeau has profited greatly from this scam through his financial interest in a BC pharmaceutical firm.

As I wrote to you recently (below), a competent government should act as follows to mitigate the grievous harm done by previous Covid-19 policies:


Every day of delay costs more lives of Albertans of all ages, including our children.

The immediate priorities now for the Alberta government should be to REDUCE THE HARM from the Covid-19 fraud:

- Stop ALL Covid-19 injections immediately; DO NO MORE HARM!

- Make available the best medical treatment to reduce harm to the vaxxed;

- Make Ivermectin etc legally available for treatment of Covid and the injection-injured;

- Reinstate and compensate those who were dismissed from their employment because they were unvaxxed;

- Reinstate medical workers and others who were persecuted because they spoke out against Covid-19 fraud;

- Investigate and prosecute those responsible for this heinous medical fraud.

Regards, Allan MacRae, Calgary

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