In what the late Saddam Hussein once dubbed “the great Satan,” roughly two-thirds of the United States enlisted military corps is white . . . The fat, bulbous U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin once confirmed in a 93-2 vote of the U.S. Senate, immediately embarked on a whirlwind media tour of duty, telling the pseudo-secular sycophants in the state-controlled tabloid press and state-controlled television talk show circuit about how the U.S. Army is full of bad racist white men.

Senior Defense Department leaders celebrating yet another Pride Month at the Pentagon sounding the alarm about the rising number of state laws they say target the LGBTQ+ community, warned the trend is hurting the feelings of the armed forces . . . “LGBTQ plus and other diverse communities are under attack, just because they are different. Hate for hate’s sake,” said Gil Cisneros, the Pentagon’s undersecretary for personnel and readiness, who also serves as DoD’s chief diversity and inclusion officer.

And now the U.S. Army is doing ads begging for more young white males? What happened?

Even with a full-on declaration of war from Congress, and even if Gavin Newsome could be cheated into the Oval Office by ZOG somehow, with Globohomo diversity brigades going door-to-door looking to impress American children into military service, they will be met with armed, well-trained opposition, the invasion at the Southern border is going full tilt, and the drugs are flowing in like never before.

Get ready for it . . . the fat old devil worshipping fags on Capitol Hill, on Wall Street, in Whitehall, and in Brussels are in no shape to fight a war themselves, and most Americans are armed to the teeth with their own guns . . . NATO hates heterosexual white men . . . they said so themselves . . .


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I found this interview (translated) Dr. Bhakdi https://youtu.be/-l0FTXmcYg0?si=nPUbOQzk29RdaxSz

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German mainstream-everything has - and encourages - AfD-derangement syndrome. I pray AfD is successful.

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No PCR test = "no pandemic." But the pandemic organizers also had to have a spike in "excess deaths" (attributed to Covid) to cement the Panic Narrative. Those came in northern Italy and then NY City. I don't think Germany had anything close to the death spike seen in NY City or even Detroit or New Orleans. Why not?

I still think evidence of "early spread" - conclusively presented - would have blown up all the faux authorized narratives. So this evidence had to be concealed and was. Nobody really "investigated" early spread.


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Any extra deaths were over by April 2020.

And the Diamond Princess data showed all that was needed.

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Thanks for mentioning this, I was unaware!

And a heartfelt thank you for your kind cross-post two days ago. Onwards, brother.

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