Thanks PH. Political Corruption? Goodness Me!

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I had been followingZero Hedge for a longer time than most. I remember some 'magic' way that Trump had maneuvered the money from the federal reserve into the US Treasury. I remember some guys tweeting something to the effect Of "Damn. He DID it! In celebration. Curious if that actually happen and if it did, did the Biden Administration 'undo' that?

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I was one of the first subscribers to ZH, all the way back in 2009 - even bought a few t-shirts back then that still fit!

This site best shows the track of Federal Reserve "monetization"


Figure 7 on page 4 shows the 4.5 trillion monetization of the almost entire amount of Obama's consecutive trillion dollar deficits over his first term v "only" around a trillion or so for Trump's term.

This has a table of annual fiscal deficits and debt increases over the long term, showing the detail


this shows the path of the Fed Funds rate over the long term - you can select a 20 year period


The Fed maintained zero interest rates for ALL of Obama's terms, but jacked them up2-2.5% over the first few years of Trumps term,

So Trump enjoyed much lower economic benefits from quantitative easing, had interest rate increased to contend with and still produced lower fiscal deficits than the Obama years (plus delivered the lowest unemployment rates across minority demographics),

Since the scamdemic, the Fed has monetized a further four trillion bucks - almost ALL of the "extra" C19 spending, BUT, has jacked interest rates up by around 5% (two years too late, from an inflation only perspective) t choke off the 20% inflationary impulse of the fiscal blow out of an extra 25% of GDP in government spending - which caused the inflation we are currently suffering.

FWIW - I view the "unpoliticized" fiscal position as a mirror of the trade deficit AND the trade deficit is a proxy for the relative IQ of a country.

From here without politics, the fiscal deficit would be around 800-900 billion and represents educational shortfalls in generating the ability to compete globally (via import substitution and exports - you have to adjust this for natural resources of course - making "zero net hydrocarbon imports/exports" an attractive pillar of the economy).


The socialist/Marxist/Maoists have no concept of the utility of dollars as a metric for success - to them money is coincidental to the process of "world domination" via massive taxes and government spending that secures their position.

eliminating as many taxes and spending programs as possible is the way to "starve the beast".

ALL TACATION IS THEFT IN A FREE COUNTRY - all that you have belongs to you"


all property is theft to a socialist/Marxist/Maoist - all that you have belongs to the state.

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Jul 1, 2023Liked by Peter Halligan

Thank you Peter

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You are welcome.

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Jun 27, 2023Liked by Peter Halligan

There was a stolen election and until someone reveals how it was fone..the many ways it was done..our country remains a third world kleptocracy..for sale to the wef corporations and tun by the cia nsa and fbi. Every democrat needs to be jailed for putting oarty over country.

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And most of the Republicans for helping them.

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Yes. The entire uniparty. The republicans are just useful idiots though. Can't believe how stupid and short sighted they are.

But then again, I can't beleive most of the people my age...they think tomorrow will be the same as today, cannot imagine anything different than what they know now....and cannot change the opions or ideas they held in their youth. Reminds me of Rino's a lot.

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