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MUST WATCH - Dr. Thomas Cowan Explains it all https://www.bitchute.com/video/6TgUxtmjUSBs/

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No doubt you will keep us up to date with the legal proceedings

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Thanks for this post.

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Pascal Nadjadihas filed at the police documents containing criminal charges against the president and former health minister of Switzerland. He is not prosecuting him; he leaves that to the 'prosecutor' and the judges. If they don't take it; then the Swiss justice system is disfunktional. So far, it has been moved to the higher Courts.

Yet whether it will be heard, and the president be sentenced is another thing.

Something similar is going on in Thailand by their royals; this time against Pfizer for committing fraud.

The former was also attempted in the UK, Germany and in many other countries; yet their Courts blocked it.

In the USA, in some of its states it is on the table. Every country can file a claim against Pfizer as it is based in the USA.

What Bhakdi (a Thai) is proving is that prior to the roll out; Pfizer had no clinical safety studies and no proof that it stopped transmission; and pfizer knew that its product was toxic

Regulators knew about this and yet ...promoted (forced) it to the public; it being safe and effective.

A. Latypova (medicine researcher) explains that in the USA and elsewhere, new judicial systems were set up to enable the 'legalisation' of vaccines without any clinical trials, raw data and overview of their trails; She states that this also occurred in the UK by MHRA and Matt Hancock.

Moreover the 'vaccine rollout' was a military operation under 'military (non civic) rules.

This might explain why the Court wouldn't touch it; it should be done under marshal Court.


This lady tells a lot; one might have to listen twice

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Yet, this too is not reported in the media most consume.

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Dump the Vax !

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