US population is the green line in the chart taken from here:


it is still on the increase, the red line is the death rate

from a global perspective, around 140 million die every year and 70 million die - so around a net 70 million increase per year - world population passed 8 billion last year


any depopulation would have to choke off all births and increase deaths (treble it)

woke democrats want the country split apart and as poor as the third world. the "woke" agenda involves the creation of mega cities of vertical slums filled with immigrants who do not speak english and who can be rationed with food, energy, health and e"woke" marxist education.

the entire premise of climate control is based on faux "woke" science.


trump scored some major wins with the SCOTUS appoitments, but, Soros funded DA's create sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants, armed criminals and shoplifters by decriminalizing all crimes and by prosecuting those who use self defence (via gun laws whilst not prosecuting ciolent criminals and drug/human trafficking gangs (open border).

Trump would not get prosecuted in Fla, but has been prosecuted in NY for a federal offence. Hillary skated on compromising national security with her emails - hunter and joe biden are not raided for bribery and corruption, obama skates on election fraud, biden skates on classified documents at home, 2 bit thugs like george floyd have their family compensated with 20 million BEFORE the court has decided guilt or innocence - the list is endless for how the democratic party seeks to destroy the US Constitution in favor of "Chinese Socialism" - all policies baded on the lowerst common denominator of the low IQ mob (epitomised by the Squad - who I call the GOON squad - and all financed by theft of tax dollars or the creation of odious debt. note around 40% of 3 -4 trillion of C19 spending went on corruption or expanding marxist policies in schools, staff hiring for administration etc (you have to double the salary cost to gt to the overall cost with holidays, sick pay and pensions for bureaucrats).

I better stop, haha. It is the job of politicians to bring the country together and make people better off. democrats do the precise opposite and project their crimes onto their opponents and make the process of prosecuting them a punishment in itself.

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When I was in 'uni', years ago, I had a goal: to take the 'right sciences', getting a BSc. that would enable me to

be able to read Scientific American or read this and understand it.

You made this easy and I did do that. My education counted, then.

Could you show us by how much the population of USA has plummeted? And, if possible, what

per cent of the USA population is now affected, or 'disabled' in ways from the mRna, if that's

what was used? To see the bigger picture, to see how effective Bill Gates's eugenics program

worked in USA? Also, I wonder what it did throughout the world overall, or if it was just USA,

and EU.

Why isn't any of this 'actionable' against Biden? They had no trouble always impeaching Trump,

on some charge or another. I thought Biden, and Hunter did far more, yet no impeachment?

And as many have said that this stems from Obama, remembering that Biden was his lackey

for 8 years, and seems to remain that today. Obama, and Hillary wanted to destroy USA,

and turn it over to the Muslim Brotherhood, from what I read.

Biden might be more pro-China, as is Canada, and likely, as is Charles III who brought in the WEF

under a different name, put in Schwabb and is completely pro climate change. He OWNS Canada.

So, if he OWNS Canada, doesn't that mean he can SELL Canada? And we know who would

buy it.

These deaths, and disablements weaken the USA, and add to that all the attacks seemingly from

China to bring in more and more deadly drugs, I think not only is USA at RISK, but

Canada is more and more isolated for takeover.

I'm interested in views, and don't expect agreement necessarily. We see what we see.

Regarding Twitter, I don't know if Musk is still involved at all? Is he? But he's shown to be quite

unstable, and untrustworthy, generally. Not to say he hasn't seemingly done 'good things'.

Thank you, again. And heartfelt condolances to all who went through or are going through those

horrors. So many HAD TO do it to keep a job they'd worked for, paid for, and had nowhere

else to turn.

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Seems like the Progressive Marxist are demoing more like good little 3rd Reich ideology that death is to become meaningless if caused by THEIR Govt workers...whether from the DOJ/FBI/Capital Police or any BLM/Antifa Tribe...they will only blame deaths on conservatives when they are not in power. And what is even worse there has been little of a major uprising by American across the political spectrum...true we are more astute about adverse vaccine reactions but little Media even recognition about all these American deaths....the life insurance folks if any group should be besides themselves. People should be getting large policies for their vaccines may indeed cut their lifespan. I can only hope the families who lost loved ones via from the COVID isolations, the CDC protocols or the vaccine..or were disabled support Conservatives...not RINOs in some way...something has to totally change.

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Twitter started blocking links to Substack. I hope this action was made in error and is only temporary.

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