How and when the liars, murderers and thieves set up the legal systems generally perceived as somewhat legitimate, to pre-cover-up and publicly fund their crimes, and to render themselves (for now) legally protected from prosecution.

International mechanisms:



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What we have witnessed over the past several years was an organized attempt to depopulate the World...of course I am using a term that by its very nature defines elimination of humans by any means...via abortion,Chicago murders( or in other decreased police Blue Cities), wars like Ukraine of a bio-weapon which someone creates a lethal “vaccine”. Politicians have known for some times they will never be personally responsible for deaths due their desired diminished police presence...not voting for abortions..or getting Nations into wars...BUT this “vaccine” was really Russian roulette...either take it as ORDERED or risk your future..your families’ future, your retirement and ever be employer as the military would have liked to do with those who bucked the system.

These politicians pushed the vaccine mandate...and communicate known fraudulent terms and info on this when a responsible alternate approach could have been directed. No these same politicians are slow to realize just how bad their theft was.

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Sorta like the Trump lawsuits and Kari Lake ! The wokie left corrupt vile and evil backed by Traitors like Soros, Gates et al!

I do not know how we are going to destroy this scum of the earth....I pray it never comes to revolution cuss Lord God they

are really pushing the envelop!

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