In the early 1800s when Jenner started his madness that got us to where we're at now, a Rabbi coined the phrase: Jenner has saved MILLIONS OF LIVES!

They seem to be hung up with millions.

Thing of it is that early into the pollution the million number couldn't have been in play statistically IF and ONLY IF Jenner's pollution did anything but embed syphilis.

All that put aside, there is a principle in their jurisprudence that says YOU CAN'T PROVE A NEGATIVE IN COURT.

What they are claiming by the 'saving' (religious talk) of lives is that: THEY DIDN'T DIE.

They didn't die (a negative) because they got a shot.

There is no way even in the fiction of Law or the laws of biology to prove that any action or inaction led to a negative outcome = NOT dying.

It's absurd on the face of it and you could teach this to 3rd graders.

Then we add in the fact that ALL of the numbers from supposedly 7 billion people on the planet (need for crowd control!) of which I didn't count them, and then VAERS and other morbidity and mortality statistic whores are putting out numbers THAT NO THIRD PARTY HAS EVER VERIFIED.

So, this is the classic arguments of how many pinheads can dance on an angel.

Gates and his Freddy Kruger smirk featured: Lying with Statistics.


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Recommnd this sort of work - deep dive


Using rats of dath from here for each calendar year


I come up with around an exyra 2.25 million American dead - Kogon reckons his work is conservative

Very little work has been done on the relative lethality of each type of vaxx.

India licnsed the Oxford/Astra Zeneca shot via the world's largest vaxx maker, the Serum Institute.

That shot was withdrawn for lethality because of numbers that indicated it was 4-5 times more tozix than Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna. - here's EU data


Three methods (Kirsch/Rose, Rancourt and Ethical Skeptic, come up with a rough rule of thumb of one dearth per thousand doses - so around 700,000 killed by the mRNA injections.

Oxford/AZN four times worse and 2.2 billion doses in India (Inida banned mRNA) you have maybe a one per thousand death rate = 22 million dead in India on its own - multiply by 4-5 times worse over the last three years? Horrific. Does India know, are its excess mortality numbers available and accurate? No. I wrote to the Health department and got nothing back.



Another issue not discussed is the number of dead and injured by the mRNA shots from OUTSIDE the US.

The US numbers alone show 18,000 dead and a million adverse event reports (mosy serious - life altering)

Pfizer alone claims 4.2 billion doses in total globally - less about 450 million in the US, leaces around 3.8 billion OUTSIDE the US. Around 250 million doses in the US and I guesstimate it administered - with other manufacturers - around 2 billion outside the US.

So how can there be 1 million adverse events and 18,000 deaths for 677 million doses INSIDE the US and just 600,000 adverse events and the same number of deaths for 5.8 billion OUTSIDE the US?



China data is impossible to get or trust and used a different vaxx for its more than 3 billion doses.

Ex-China and ex-India, there have been around 8.7 billion doses for around 6 billion peple (world pop is a little over 8 billion)

One death per thousand doses = 8.7 million dead - how many in India? 10 million?

Russia also collaborated with AZN which claimed 2 billion doses by November 2021


There are a few other wrinkles - how many died of C19 when the bodies immune system was disa;ed by the shots so that they could "take" - plus there is the "get a shot" wait up to 8 weeks get another shot, wait two weeks after the second shot and you are "fully vaccinated" a huge window where all deaths were attributed to the inFection, not rhe inJection.

Thanks for your reply! It is a really tangled web.

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You did the due dilligence my friend.

So what do we conclude?

The top three kyllers in North America are:

1. Heart Disease.

2. Cancer.

3. Iatrogenic (doctor-caused) disease

I stop there to make a point because the others on the list can ALSO be traced back to vaccines pre-conveed.

Vaccines CAUSE heart disease because they induce serum sickness that is a vasculitis.

Vaccines CAUSE cancer because HeLa cervical cancer, injected Lyme, SV40, toxic chemicals, etc.

DOCKED WHORES PRESCRIBE VACCINES that lead to #1, #2, #3 and the rest of the list of major kyllers, so, I submit to you with no denegration for the work that you have done, that this round of biocide has been really no different than what has happened since Jenner in 1800. Vaccines have ALWAYS been the CAUSE of ALL FORMS OF MORTALITY, it is just that this particular round of chemi cull and buy oh logical weapons left no doubt in the minds of people who still have a mind left.

One of Bush Baby's speech writers said: "If you control the language - you control the debate." I would just like for everyone to consider that vaccines were, are and will be the #1 cause of all forms of mortality until they are stopped forever.


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Ni argyment frm me!

Thanks again for your comments.

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This is mass murder, and nobdy has been held accountable yet. Instead they are even doubling down and pushing their experimental stuff again. So unreal!

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Well, get ready for the next wave of insanity, the coming global ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE via Marburg virus in all vaxxeens! 🔥💉 Todd Callendar RE: Marburg Info About the Possible Release of the Zombie Apocalypse https://www.bitchute.com/video/ihuzLXGc4cY9/ Far more deaths from this nightmare...

Marburg Virus | "Inside of COVID Shots People Received, In Hydrogel Zombie Apocalypse https://www.bitchute.com/video/oEI84ZiOrQ0f/

Released by 5G cell towers and 5G signal like the 2016 movie CELL - Stars

John CusackSamuel L. JacksonIsabelle Fuhrman https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0775440/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_3_tt_5_nm_3_q_Cell%2520 then the Zombie Apocalypse...Storyline

When a strange signal pulsates through all cell phone networks worldwide, it starts a murderous epidemic of epic proportions when users become bloodthirsty creatures, and a group of people in New England are among the survivors to deal with the ensuing chaos after. —mystic80

Watch the 2013 movie World War Z with Brad Pitt https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0816711/ The living DEAD will roam the earth!


Life for former United Nations investigator Gerry Lane and his family seems content. Suddenly, the world is plagued by a mysterious infection turning whole human populations into rampaging mindless zombies. After barely escaping the chaos, Lane is persuaded to go on a mission to investigate this disease. What follows is a perilous trek around the world where Lane must brave horrific dangers and long odds to find answers before human civilization falls. —Kenneth Chisholm (kchishol@rogers.com)

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My God, talk about a global genocide. The google Nazis aka the Zionist Nazis = NA-tional ZI-onist's NA-tional ZI-onism and they're criminal Satanic WEF Klaus Schwab Luciferian co-conspirators are all constantly using disinformation and misinformation on Jewgle to deceive the already naive, confused and fearful public of the hard factual truths. Jesus...so many sick, crippled , injured and dead from mainstream and corporatized fake govt lies.

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When I still had my job of 28 years I had told any and all about a high vitamin d level to combat sickness and our receptionist was one that listen ed to me.

She told me a story about her husband and his best friend. 6 months prior to covid her husbands best friend was on his death bed and said to her husband that he had dreams that 50 million people were going to die in the near future.

True story.

Oh and don't worry about me losing my job for refusing to be tested 3 times a week, the clot shot was always a hard no but after I did this God went to work and gave me a whole new life thats better in every way to the life I had before with the job of 28 years.

Found your substack Peter because of one of our truth tellers in Canada, Dr. Roger Hodgkins.

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Apr 7, 2023Liked by Peter Halligan

"they are gene therapies"

Nope. They're not "gene therapies," either. There is absolutely nothing therapeutic about them; quite the opposite, in fact. Please find another phrase to describe them. I realise that "gene therapy" is their proper FDA classification, but therapies they are not, of any description!

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Correct, no mRNA or DNA to Spike protein dose-response has been found. There is nothing "genetic" about them unless you want to say some toxin (graphene) in them has affected one's genes.

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Agreed. I have paused more than once when using the "official", "woke", big pharma, science paper description.

Gene "modifiers" or toxins, or poisons or just plain crap, are some things I have moved in and out of using.

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Must respectfully disagree with you there. Wokeness about these products is the awareness of, the being awake or awoken to, what they really are.

In that regard, I am woke, and so are you. (It's a stupid word anyway, and one that needs to die an appropriately ignominious death. That begins when all of us stop using it!)

As for what to call these junk shots, I simply refer to them as the COVID shots. It is understandable to all and not particularly loaded with anyone's political beliefs.

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Chris is correct,

Merriam-Webster: The meaning of WOKE is aware of and actively attentive to important societal facts and issues.

Unfortunately the slang meaning has taken over everyone's caput to mean left-leaning enthusiasts (to put it nicely).

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Better term might be Lethal Injections.

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It is upside down world.

"woke" means the denial of reality.

I am not "woke".

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Must respectfully disagree again. "Woke" is now widely misused as denial of *another's* reality. We all get to live our own lives, see things from our own perspective, and thus hold our own beliefs.

And that's perhaps the biggest challenge we "anti-vaxxers" (which for me is specifically anti-COVID-shot) face in getting through to those who see things differently and thus hold different beliefs.

Similarly, "tolerance" is often presented these days as a progressive ideal. But for me, tolerance is absolutely essential for my mental health. Without it, I'd have gone crazy long ago.

Over and out.

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And yet you go and use the term 'anti-vaxxer'.

Pete does this great work then you come in...

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I have no idea what you're talking about. "Anti-vaxxer" is something I've been called myself. I thought that would have been patently clear from my comment (whatever it was; I can't get to it from here).

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Apr 4, 2023Liked by Peter Halligan

.....globalize the EU+US one eighth share of 12.5 billion global doses.

Does that mean 12.5E9 genetic code injections? Seems too many since China used attenuated pathogen jabs. Where else did the mRNAs go - yes India took some, but so many? Given a US+EU population of around 1 billion, even if everyone took 3 shots that is only 25% of the global doses. Anyway, the mRNAs are so lethal that if over 12 billion doses had been 'administered', one would expect to see an even higher level of carnage.

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Apr 4, 2023·edited Apr 4, 2023Author

Quite right.

These are/were back of the envelope calculations that assumed ALL global injections whether viral vector or mRNA or "traditional" had the same lethality.

I doubt that the Chinese would have been backward in coming forward to point out that there "traditional vaccines" were safer and more effective than those developed in the West.

The WHO also used "back of the envelope" and ridiculous claims that the injections globally had saved 20 million lives.

Since publishing that article - 8 months ago now!! - More data has emerged around the AstraZeneca viral vector C19 vaccines which were pulled from every western market in the world within 6 months of their launch - because there were 4-5 times more reports of death post their injection than the mRNA injections.

India has administered a few billion of these deadlier viral vector injections. licensed to the Serum Institute by Astra Zeneca.

Denis Rancourt did some analysis during the heavy roll-out of the AZN viral vector injections for 2021 in India here:

https://peterhalligan.substack.com/p/did-the-roll-out-of-approximately 350 million doses in India between April-July 2021 cause 3.7 million deaths?

Other emerging facts are that the under-reporting factor for Europe is higher than the initial ball-park estimates of 40 for the US - anecdotal reports indicate (there are no European studies on under-reporting like the 100 URF in the Lazarus Report) that the URF for the EU is closer to 70 than 40.

Other methods (Denis Rancourt) indicate that around there is one death per thousand doses of mRNA injections.

The URF is crucial - so is the quality of adverse event reporting systems. We know the VAERS is questionable.

17,000 reported dead in the US - under-reporting by some very smart people just today indicates a far lower under-reporting factor than the 40 assumed in my old article.

https://wherearethenumbers.substack.com/p/how-many-deaths-were-caused-by-the covid vaccines?

This would be a much better "vaccine" lethality outcome - but would not explain why, as covid19 deaths fell sharply in 2022, extra deaths in the US remain half a million higher per annum than pre-covid19 levels

https://peterhalligan.substack.com/p/preliminary-us-mortality-for-2022 indicates that around 560,000 more Americans are dying every year compared to 2018-2019

if not C19 as the cause of deaths or injections, in the US then what did cause the extra half a million deaths? (note also that the very definition of a "case" using a Drosten RT-PCR test is questionable and hence C19 deaths in 2020. That test was withdrawn from EUA in August 2021 effective 1jan2022 because it could not differentiate between flu and c19. There is a strong probability that those "diagnosed" with C19 did not have C19 at all. The flu disappeared completely for two years if you recall.

Anyway, bottom line:

We are getting closer to the truth and "back of the envelope" calculations are not proof, they are, at best, an hypothesis that can be tested with more rigorous data and methods.

Here is a link to the different estimates of Under Reporting Factors

https://peterhalligan.substack.com/p/refresher-on-the-under-reporting (URF) – The Giant Syringe in the Room - to which we can now add Professor Fenton's method.

FWIW, I have another envelope which I have scribbled persistence of previous URF for the US of 40, a URF of 70 for the EU with 17,000 dead in the US, 50,000 dead in the EU tagged on 5-10 dead per thousand doses for India to get

680,000 US deaths+ 3.5 million deaths for the EU + 11-22 million dead in India = 15-26 million dead for those 3 areas.

670 million US doses , call it a billion doses for the EU and 2.2 billion doses for India total 4.27 billion doses out of 13.4 billion globally.

EU deaths reported to EUDRA here:


so multiply by 3 to globalize that number.

EU doses here: https://vaccinetracker.ecdc.europa.eu/public/extensions/COVID-19/vaccine-tracker.html#uptake-tab

US doses here: https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#vaccinations_vacc-people-additional-dose-totalpop

Detail on India doses here:

https://peterhalligan.substack.com/p/has-india-the-worlds-largest-manufacturer of vaccines – suffered the world’s largest number of “vaccine” deaths numbering around 20 million?

Hope this is of use!

Happy to see any of your back of the envelope calcs!

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The Davos Great Reset 2030 Agenda is going as they planned, kill as many of these useless eaters as possible!🥲🥲🥲

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Apr 4, 2023·edited Apr 4, 2023

Problem for them is they have not rewritten the laws (yet). Murder is murder, and in some US States a single crime of this nature could end with an IV line in the arm of the perpetrator. They will face justice - the Courts are not happy to take these cases, but they will have to in the end. And many cases have already ended in victory, with Pfizers' lawyers basically being laughed out of Court, due to their insane legal strategies. That is because there are no sane legal strategies to get them out of this, and they know it. At present they are buying time, but I bet that is getting a whole lot more expensive, and it only takes one major Court case to go against them. One so major even the legacy media cannot ignore it.

Then the Criminal cases will belong. I'm a lifelong opponent of Capital punishment (never let a government kill its' citizens), but in this case I say, 'Bring on the Play Swings':

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1XNrv28AC27RC8t6Ex5Kt9wPjXS9L8JWx (not my work - the person that made this is a genius)

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The PR Team can make 1+1 = 56 ... a circle a square... war > peace.... they could rebrand Mother Teresa as a pimp of children ... they control what the MORE-ONS think.

So why would they not add up the Suicide Juice deaths and spin that number around and claim these is the total for lives saved.

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Apr 4, 2023Liked by Peter Halligan

Didn't Luc Montagnier predict that half of the jabbed would die in 5 years?

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Sherri Tenepenny was certainly on the vast numbers.

November 2022


If you use google the only posts about luc montagnier you will see will be those by quacks in the "trusted news initiatives" with links to deleted facebook posts


i don't think he quite said "everyone vaxxed" will be dead in two years - just a lot.

Geert vanden Bossche is also not optimistic for the collateral damage caused by injections.

not the vaxx itself - the shutting down of the immune system for everything else - to create something like AIDS.


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Apr 4, 2023Liked by Peter Halligan

Sucharit Bhakdi said ,"If you take this shot you will go to your doom."

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Completely absurd. The Lancet has " jumped the shark." Do they actually think people will believe that?

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Ignoring the Lancet and the NEJM is the best punishment of all.

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The Lancet impaled itself long ago. It is now the National Enquirer of medical journals…no offense to the National Enquirer😎

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In my home we replaced toilet paper with The Lancet.

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Apr 4, 2023Liked by Peter Halligan

Great article! Did you know that the population of India routinely uses fenbendazole and has 1/3 the rate of cancer as the US? Now it is sudden death, soon, very soon, it will be longer, painful, suffering death. The cancers that result from the covid vaxxes are incubating and brewing now. All the preclinical research regarding how fenbendazole eradicates cancer is consistent with its effects in practice. Learn how to protect yourself and loved ones from cancer with fenbendazole, a safe, inexpensive, off patent, otc drug. So far it saved two people (make that THREE) close to me. Read the detailed Case Reports https://fenbendazole.substack.com its all free.

Breast, colon, prostate, glioma, kidney, lung, melanoma, bladder it doesn’t seem to matter, fenbendazole seems to eradicate them all. Case Reports in the queue are leukemia and renal.

Not selling a thing, not even subscriptions, just spreading the word

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Lots of cancer cures out there, myself I have DMSO, MSM, MMS, Collodial Silver, Ivermectin, Not Merck as I do not trust them but the list goes on. There is also that fellow in Texas I believe that patented peptides of some sort to cure cancer as well.

If humans cause something, cancer, they can also then find a cure for it but of course we know big harms incredible influence over our society.

When I talk to people and I do 5-10 times a day I always mention how big harma does NOT want you healed, they want to treat your symptoms...makes many people think plus I add in how the 3rd leading cause of death in America is prescription drugs.

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Many thanks for this.

Odd that both https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fenbendazole and ivm are used as anti-parasitics, yet have anti-viral and anti-cancer effects.

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Yes, odd indeed.

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Thanks for this article. I came to something similar in a quick back of envelope calculation recently. I took Joel Smalley's estimate of about 70,000 deaths for the UK due to the injections (as opposed to deaths due to denial of healthcare/lockdowns) and multiplied by 200 (WHO countries). Gets to 14 million. Norman Fenton has also commented on the flawed nature of the '20 million lives saved' article methods: https://www.normanfenton.com/post/about-those-estimates-of-20-million-lives-saved-by-the-vaccine.

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Welcome. Estimates of deaths fine turned here:

https://peterhalligan.substack.com/p/cumulative-and-calendar-year-snap Shot of Global and US Cases, Deaths and Doses. 6.7 million C19 deaths, 21 million "vaccine deaths" (665m C19 "cases" v 1.95 billion injection injuries)

Astra Zeneca (widely used in the UK India and outside the US) looks 4-5 times more harmful than even the Pfizer/Moderna shots using data from the EU's system EUDRA

https://peterhalligan.substack.com/p/eudra-shows-4-5-times-more-deaths and adverse events reported per million doses for viral vector C19 "vaccines" compared to mRNA C19 "vaccines" - media silence continues

https://peterhalligan.substack.com/p/did-the-roll-out-of-approximately 350 million doses in India between April-July 2021 cause 3.7 million deaths?

Kind of work you data think that the WHO and all health regulators would be all over, right?

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