Thank for the post.

Standing by for the "they" to deny any evidence whatsoever of Herd Immunity!

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That makes me the 5% since I had nothing close to it since it became present in the USA and I have not changed anything in my normal activity. Being a supposed old guy in his 70s and with a couple risk factor I have remained unvac’d to if anything prove a point...given the Govt mandate I never thought what they were doing was valid..only pushed by political considerations. I have had contact with my vac’d kids and friends with nothing happening...maybe I am one of the asymptomatic natural humoral responder yet tested many months ago was negative(prior to surgery).

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Nice trick. PCR test bogus. No isolated virus. Yet all must bow before The Scientism.

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Nov 28, 2022Liked by Peter Halligan

You mean via the propaganda system- because that's the only place it exists. I can't believe so many people actually fell for this bullshit.

It’s imperative that people stop ceding ground to fascists by reifying the Big Lie that "Covid" is a unique disease and that it is responsible for a global pandemic.

This only fortifies the narrative by implying that any extra-ordinary response was ever necessary, that a single one of their “public health” diktats was legitimate.

This has never had anything to do with what is nothing more than a computer-generated genome falsely attributed to a novel pathogen. It is a global conspiracy by the world's transnational ruling class which was planned out and war-gamed at the WEF, the central bankers summit in Jackson Hole, and at Event 201.

It’s all right there for anyone to look up and see for themselves. It is about radically transforming every aspect of society in response to the final crisis of capitalism, which was no long profitable or sustainable, transitioning to the new digital financial system, implementing the technologies of the so-called 4th Industrial Revolution, and exterminating and sterilizing broad swathes of the “useless eaters” and now-surplus labor/population, who in old crises would be sent off to war, which is too risky today with weapons of mass destruction that could blow up the world a hundred times over.

Today they’re accomplishing the same thing through the bio-medical weapons of mass destruction of “covid” measures (isolation, medical malpractice, sedation, ventilation, manufactured unemployment, neglect, austerity, etc.) and poison injections.

The lockdowns, mandatory muzzles, anti-social distancing, and the other measures that did nothing to protect or improve public health were all designed to deliberately break the global economy (and crush competition, especially small businesses) as well as break our minds and the social fabric, in order to “build back better”, according to the diabolical and dystopian visions of the psychopaths waging this class war, which is essentially a billionaires utopia, in which they own the planet like a techno-feudal fiefdom, and oversee the drastically reduced population of digitally branded humanity like cattle in a super-surveilled technocracy.

All talk of so-called "Covid" is a meaningless distraction and quite besides the (existentially urgent) point when you understand that the virus/disease they’re allegedly designed to protect against doesn’t exist in the first place and, additionally, what their real, above-mentioned purpose(s) is.

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Nov 28, 2022·edited Nov 28, 2022Liked by Peter Halligan

Funny. My wife had Covid and Omicron. My partner too. I sleep with one and the other i'm in close quarters with all the time. I have never gotten anything and all the blood tests show no antibodies. So unless the blood antibody test is wrong, I've never had it. I am healthy, eat well, and keep A, B, C, D, etc Vitamins high in my system.

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Many folks might find an interest in your regimen, RLMx2, if you would care to share.

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I'd be happy too. Honestly i think it's more about what you DON'T eat. I read labels if I don't understand or know what an ingredient is, I won't eat it. I eat mostly fresh foods, vegetables, salads, meat but not a ton, and very little sugar and simpe carbs. I try to only eat organic, pestisides are really bad. Roundup from Monsanto is killing us. Carbs probably make up 20%. I don't drink any drink with sugar at all. In terms of my vitamins.... I think that getting your vitamin levels tested is important so you nkow what you're lacking. I as an example can't get Vitamin D from the sun so I have to take metholated D. If you have this issue you need to know because you won't get D from the sun or non metholated D. I take D 2000. I like Klaire labs and Pure encapsulations as vitamin branks. I take a good multi vitamin that gives me all the good stuff. Then I take 2000 Klaire labs fish oil, I take 2k MG og Vitamin C. CoQ clear for my heart. 10k of vitamin K. I also take benfotiamine and Thorne. Honestly I think it's' more genetics and again, what I eat!

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Or like you said, "What you don't eat."

Very very appreciated, so extremely informative as well as intelligent!

Thank You!

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Happy to help.

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