That's Not the Half of it !!!!

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Just keeps growing. No end in sight, seems to be true currently.

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Here's a thought: Soccer players, sports figures, even media personalities seem to keel over right in the midst of something physically or emotionally strenuous, or shortly afterwards. The Boston Marathon will be coming up in April, and I would assume most of those runners are liberals totally vaxxed and boosted. It will be interesting to see if mortalities develop during and after the race.

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Reporting rate is under 10% so you do the math.

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Yes. The under-reporting factor is a vital piece of the jigsaw.


Hopefully, the propensity to report deaths from the injections is much higher - maybe a URF of 10-20 - we just don't know.

we do know that another way to view the lethality has been calculated/estimated by denis rancourt as one death per thousand doses - so maybe one in 500 for those who have completed the initial course - and maybe one in 333 for those boosted

13.25 billion doses = 13.25 million dead

I suspect it is closer to one in 800 using that methodology as viral vector injection reports to EUDRA are 4-5 times more frequent AND anecdotally, the URF for the EU is closer to 70 than 40.

India uses CoviShield manufactured under license to AZN by the Serum Institute - there may be 20 million dead in India alone from this over the last two years.

(Also the further the time since the last injection, the less likely to associate the injection with the adverse event).

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Feb 25, 2023Liked by Peter Halligan

CNBC is reporting Guillain-Barre syndrome for RSV vaccine and Pfizer is in third stage trial for mRNA flu vaccine. Will they switch all vaccines to mRNA. It's impossible to know at this time.


Media in North America and most of Europe is still policing information so will need a neutral third party to keep track of adverse events on all with some sort of legal mandate with teeth. There is some movement now in the US on dailyclout.io - Naomi Wolf and Edward Dowd's excess death stats through Rumble but coverage is still limited on most so my fear is the majority maybe walking into another operation blind. Pharma will not make the same mistake twice and trial information will be hard to obtain even by court order. My hope is families will simply halt all vaccination until we figure out how to restore confidence in the science.

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