Enough of the public welfare for the Jewish fairytale.

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The attack was a dud (3 of 300) but it may have been to simply scout the reaction to the 'attack' so as to find ways around missile defense for the next one.

The world's militaries were paying particular attention.

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Iran likely trying to do something serious enough to be a credible response but not big enough to trigger all-out war. As you say, at least in part this was to monitor Israel's responses and

(I think this is a real word) 'atrit' its air defense.

Even if Israel's defenses can stop 99% of incoming threats, they can only do so as long as they have 'ammo' for their systems. But it looks like Hezbollah alone has such a huge stockpile of missiles and drones that they could simply oversaturate Israel's AD.

If that were to lead to disruption or degradation of Israel's air force operations it would amount to a huge equalizer for their opponents.

Hopefully, cooler heads prevail and the Team Bibi crazies don't manage to set off WW III...

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I wasn't expecting this to go far, certainly not enough to give Israel an excuse to non-nuclear EMP (as well as nuclear) all those rockets, drones, cruise & ballistic missiles.

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Have you watched this (new) https://rumble.com/v4pcxhz-el-fin-de-la-humanidad-como-lo-planean-los-lderes-mundiales.html other languages (if interested subtitles) https://rumble.com/user/stopworldcontrol

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Harari even ntalks like a hissing puff adder - so does Rick Bright (now of the Rockefller Foundation)

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