Even though the trial produce MUCH evidence they are required to coverup, (it was already VERY toxic) they always "change the recipe" to make it even MORE toxic for the general public.

This whole "informed consent" has no enforcement mechanism or legal REMEDY in America, or anywhere else. It's just an idea, lip service, a "right" with ZERO remedy with which to enforce it.

According the U.S. Supreme Court, extermination of the American people is a "constitutionally authorized activity" of the federal government. They can't see ANYTHING in the Constitution that prohibits this action on the part of the federal government.

I'd sooner trust Sponge Bob Square Pants to "interpret" the Constitution for us. But this is NOT a result of SCOTUS not understanding the Constitution. It's a matter of SCOTUS being fully onboard with the extermination of the American people, and ALL of them being more than happy to abuse their seats in order to lend an air of "legitimacy" and "authority" to the process of EXTERMINATING the American people.

They ALL know perfectly well what they're doing. This is NOT a matter of the "evidence" not being more than sufficient. At this point in time, SCOTUS has no more legitimacy than when they ruled that the Constitution didn't prohibit slavery, thus kicking off the civil war.

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Sasha Latypova/Team Enigma pointed out long ago (early 2022?) that when production of biologics is upscaled it can become a totally different product. And given there's far more than just biologics in it, that's probably doubly true. Hedley Reese and others also pointed this out. So Campbell shouldn't be surprised. I used to follow him in early days because he put out some useful info from time to time but he was always basically a vax/mask/lockdown supporter and never heeded warnings from his subscribers, many of whom were far better informed than him. So I don't feel sorry for him if he's been injured. Also what's point in comparing fraudulent process 1 trial data figures with fraudulent process 2? We also know they've changed formula - maybe many times - the guy interviewed referred to Sep22 but we also know they changed it back in Oct21 when they replaced PBS buffer according to Prof Gabriele Segalla while not removing old formula from the market. That's when we began seeing less magnetic skin vids.

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I find that Dr Campbell is a litmus test for the necessary "epiphanies" the broader population needs to understand.

As he learns the awful truth, so do many others, not just because of his large viewership, but because people beyond that are also on a voyage of discovery.

As things pan out, the injuries and deaths will become so large and obvious, there will be a sort of "land of the living dead" mentality for which everyone will play their part, in whatever way becomes necessary to survive.

Goodwill from everyone will become scarcer, so the more people that "awaken" the more the burden can be shared if "mad max" does not become a reality.

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Some say he's litmus test for how far his masters can manipulate the broader population. I don't know. Maybe he's sincere but just not very bright.

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I am trying hard to be generous.

After two negative risk benefit shots? Really? Is the man a dope?

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Makes you wonder what they used as the “actual” placebos.

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After three years I am still reading things that shock me. Surprise me, no, but shock.


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That is just madness, the biggest bait and switch ever, 100 billion dollars made advertising Ferraris and delivering Robin Reliants. I am in the wrong business.

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