Lack of VitD makes people susceptible to all sorts of health problems. We know the vast majority of those alleged to have died from cv19 didn't die from cv19 at all. Probably no-one did. So this is bs for me but thank you all the same Peter. Taking supplements is also not without risk unless you're really sure where/how they're manufactured. Too much vitD3 can also cause joint problems apparently and it's also used in rat poison. Best just to spend more time in the sun. I notice also the "fact-checkers" are now pushing vitD.

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The lesson here is when you spend decades working & living indoors out of the sun, vitamin D deficiency will catch up to you.

Has your own doctor ever told you to take Vitamin D or get more sun for the sake of good health and to prevent pneumonia?

Will Vitamin D level be included in basic blood test panels anytime soon? I doubt There's too much money involved in treating & selling drugs to chronically unhealthy people.

I made a collage of the MSM all repeating mantra: "Multivitamins are a waste of money. Dont take them.". Well, you know what's in them? Vitamin D. And C, Zinc, selenium, and all the other vitamins & minerals large swaths of the population are deficient in, many of which prevent or treat respiratory illnesses.

They told everyone not to take them in an attempt to make them less healthy in order to promote the coming Plandemic.

Just like they captured & killed people in hospitals to spike death numbers.

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The People That Are Wearing Masks

And Still Taking Booster Shots

Have Started To Identify

With Their Captors.


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