Thanks PH. Shattering that the truth is still bein repressed.

Well done for all of your efforts to keep the focus on all of the real information out there that you keep on digging out for us all. Appreciated.

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and no interest it seems from any government anywhere, nor MSM and very few politicians. I am about to see/hear Andrew Bridgen. If you follow Paul Frew on twitter, he is one of our )N.I) elected politicians and he posts weekly excess deaths with comments re lack of imterest

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I love to say I’m suprised, yet this was the plan all along. Mass Democide! I guess because I’m an information junkie, I read about this long ago in the “Operation Lockstep” papers.

It was announced by many of the Illuminati, like gates, kissinger, schwab and the rest, when they knew most of us were preoccupied. Then when I read about Event 201, my alarm bells went off.

It became real when my daughter who lives out west as a firefighter came down with what we thought was the flu 🤧. We tried everything and nothing was working. Definitely, not normal. This is a healthy 20 something who fights wild fires , hikes and runs marathons, not your average kid today.

With my advice on supplements, she was only down for 6 weeks. She called me after she was sick for 4 weeks, go figure.

Unfortunately, the dumbass took 4 Genocide jabs to keep her job, (the gubment) after fighting it off! After being warned repeatedly to wait. Sigh 😞.

We are in prime time now and it’s only going to get worse. The life expectancy of the jabbers is 2-5 years, so things are definitely heating up.

And yes, I imagine seeing folks just drop dead will become the norm.

I see this on the road constantly, there are “vaccidents” everywhere these days. So, if you thought driving and texting was dangerous before, buckle up!

Looking forward to round 2. Damn bastards!

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We need a hero and lots of rope!! Too much??? Think of all the kids who are dying!!

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And how many more will die or become permanently disabled before this is over? So my business partner was preparing to shoot photographs of a house yesterday (we have a photographic business) and she spotted a young man nearby (maybe 24 she said) hanging out of his open car door with his legs in the air. She along with another woman removed him from the car and started doing CPR on him. He was already turning purple I guess. The ambulance arrived and they were able to bring with back to life. I told her and the folks of my SubStack that we all soon see people die in front of eyes. I am 72 and I have never seen anything like this in my life. The new normal for our world, I guess? 24 year olds dying on street of heart issues? It is my humble opinion that millions of Americans will die from these injections. I don't see how anyone can survive this poison? We are 2 years out from the first injections in the United States. I believe the dying is about to REALLY begin. I hope I am wrong.

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I circled back to a vent that still gets me fired up .... Every sports commissioner was pushing/mandating these vaccines for healthy young athletes. I, for one, have not forgotten. Also, our fearless sports commentators with their brave "hot takes" are actually just wimps, always supporting the Current Thing.


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