Where does the Indian data come from Peter

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". . . the average age at time of C19 death was 1-2 years longer than average life expectancy."

This phrase introduces a completely irrelevant piece of data that proves nothing and demonstrates a lack of understanding of life expectancy statistics. It has nothing to do with age of death of sick elders during a pandemic.

Life expectancy is calculated for an ENTIRE population FROM BIRTH. It factors in all the infant deaths, all the childhood deaths, young adults, middle aged, plus the elders. It does NOT indicate an "expiration date" meaning that if life expectancy is, for instance, 80 years, that people will get to 80 and then die! If someone does make it to 80, they have ALREADY "beat the odds" . . . they did NOT die as an infant or child, nor did they die as a young or middle aged adult. 

I just looked up some statistics.: "In 2020, life expectancy at age 80 years for United States of America was 9.6 years". And: "Today a person 90 years of age is expected to live on average another 4.6 years".

Then, if a person continued to survive past that point, it pushes the date out even further.

This means that many of the elders who were murdered during the pandemic had several potential years of life stollen from them, years they could have spent being a loving and inspirational grandparent to their grandchildren, etc. All that ended needlessly at the point of a needle, or by not being given cheap and effective drugs that very likely would have saved them.

Maximum lifespan for humans, at this point, appears to be in the low 120's, but will probably increase further with improved nutrional knowledge.

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Re the previous comment, I would like to see the graph of cumulative first doses against the excess mortality (Figure 9.) Those who had received only the first dose were usually lumped in with the unvaccinated.

My other query is about the great excess mortality anomaly: Sweden. If you can give us any information of the situation in Sweden I, for one, would be very grateful.

Thanks for your work.

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I have an alternate view on lung physiology that dismisses the notion of oxygen and carbon dioxide gaseous exchange

The article is titled

We breathe air not oxygen

I take you though all the steps that lead to this statement

Including how oxygen is manufactured

How oxygen is calibrated

Eg medical oxygen has 67parts per million of water contamination

Why oxygen is toxic, dehydrates and damages the alveoli

Lung physiology requires the air at the alveoli to reach 100% humidity

Can you see the problem?

The new take on lung physiology:

The lungs rehydrate the passing RBCs with iso tonic saline solution as they pass through the alveoli capillary beds

RBCs change from dark contracted dehydrated to plump bright hydrated form as they soak up the iso tonic saline solution the bursting alveoli bubbles throw upon the capillary sac

The airway mucosa conditions the breathe with salt and moisture

Seasonality of colds/flu is related to cold dry air and dehydration

Dehydration is the point of susceptibility

Find the article


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Where is the graph showing all the lives saved by the vaccine?

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Two summaries from the Montreal hearings of the National Citizen's Inquiry on Covid-19:

Mr. Pierre Chaillot, French Statistician and author of “Covid-19, ce que revelent les chiffres officiels”, spoke to how official government Covid statistics provided to the public were manipulated and based on fraudulent data collection methods. He walked through the misuse of COVID tests, and how they were unable to identify actual illness based on the method of utilization. He pointed out that in France, less than 5% of those who tested positive with a PCR test had proof of actual illness, resulting in a positive test epidemic, and not an epidemic of infectious disease. Be sure to watch his entire testimony here.

Mr. Denis Rancourt, Canadian Scientist, Social Theorist and Researcher at Ontario Civil Liberties Association, explained to the panel how predictions related to COVID deaths made by Canadian government health officials never came to fruition, and how overall all-cause mortality data in Canada did not see a significant increase throughout the COVID period as compared to previous years. Mr. Rancourt provided visuals identifying peaks in all-cause mortality in Canada that coincided with the rollout of the COVID vaccine. If you missed Mr. Rancourt, you can watch his testimony here.

I agree. I published many of these correct conclusions in 2020 and the rest in early 2021.

Regards, Allan MacRae

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Only had time to read a little bit, at least so far. But your graph of deaths vs year does seem to show evidence that the vaccines help. That is due to the flattening of the curves just as the first rounds of vaccination were completed. Extending the middle segment linearly gets to 9 million deaths and it would probably have curved up more steeply. Comparing people who died with average life expectancy is tricky. That average includes infant mortality, and once we reach that average we should have a bunch of good years ahead of us. Those treatments were not proven effective. I remember reading a bunch of studies showing no effect.

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I reviewed the medical chart of a 47 year old who died days after Baricitinib. A drug developed for arthritis that has a black box warning for fatal blood clots. What did the autopsy show? A fatal pulmonary embolus. There was no medical reason to put him on it. I name the doctors and the hospital . https://danielnagase.substack.com/p/a-deadly-day-in-the-er

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My ‘vaccine’ believer acquaintance replied this just proves masks & esp lockdowns worked and as we opened up again in 2021/22 people died because of THAT 🤦‍♂️

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it's hilarious to watch people make the same stupid statistical errors in these claims that they so rightly identified as wrong in the "death by covid" vs "death with covid" claims.

your # of deaths by year stats are just as wrong as the "death by covid" numbers were.

and for the same reason.

propaganda is propaganda regardless of which side is using it to scare the population.

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About the same here in the USA and it is not over. People are dying at about 50 plus per week and rising.

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President Trump was right about Hydroxychlorquin and Ivermectin . The media had to trash the treatments, because they would rather have millions die, than Trump be the Savior.

The Coup to remove Trump, required a Pandemic. They couldn’t allow a cheap, effective cure .

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Every last person in on the covid scam needs to be lynched.

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All those uneccessary deaths at the hands of pride in "knowing the science". Medicine has lost credibility, big time.

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Just discovered your newsletter because the link to this article was “on the stack” at Citizen Free Press..in case you weren’t aware. I’ll add your Substack to my list of daily reads. Good day sir!

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