We do not need any more test studies to know this is genocide do we? When do we stop pharma and medical from killing us for profit? Where is the new system to replace this faked one of poisons? They just added more shots to children's schedules up to 18 years old in the US Inc.- a whopping 100 poisons. Never mind seeking justice for genocide...

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I only read a few sentences in and this paper looks deliberately constrained. The reality will be FAR WORSE than this:

" AESI (adverse events of special interest) occurring up to 42 days following vaccination with mRNA (BNT162b2 and mRNA-1273) and adenovirus-vector (ChAdOx1) vaccines were included in the primary analysis"

42 days? So entire lifetimes as a comparable used as a baseline is being compared to just 42 days post vax? How many are ill and don't know it?! How many were only begining to develop sequelae? How many haven't seen their doctor? How many were caught up in the process with no diagnosis yet? In 42 days, you won't capture much - just by design. Looks like a limited hangout operation to me.

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And how many saw their doctors & were told it was nothing to do with the jabs, just symptoms “all in their head”?

Such a deadly farce.

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I haven't seen too many people spot one glaringly obvious basic error in this study, and if there is this one, that none of the 35 authors or the peer reviewers spotted, what else did they miss?


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For my sins, my eyesight is not good enough to pick out the anomaly. Cannot see tiny or evn large print on white backgrounds.

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They used the wrong label on one of the headers describing what was name of the injection was all. I don't think it is anything to write home about. I would be a little worried that it is possible that some of the important OR numbers are too low, however. Unless the reporting system is something others can independently verify we are just blindly trusting them, so to see this error actually increases my confidence because good liars are actually very very careful.

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That link takes you to my facebook page. Facebook locked me out of my Hilary Butler account, but I had sent up another with Anne, which is my middle name, and Pike which is my maiden name. I've marked up the error on each table. Matt Shelton replied on the thread in disgust lol. Just shows that the NZ guru needs a microscope, not just glasses.

I look at the tables in the pdf using the + feature, but yes it's not easy.

doubt that they put it in small print to avoid scrutiny, because if they knew, they wouldn't have messed up table 1 in the article.

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