.....are there any reliable lists existing of CV-19 injection-related deaths by STATE, Peter? With a compliance rate of 82-95% in MA, my suspicion is there's GOT to be at least 100,000 fatalities so far (i.e., approx. 2%; doubling then of the 2010 Harvard Pilgrim estimate) amongst a 6.9 million populace (although by the one-in-500 people metric, it's 13,800 - which seems AWFULLY low to me.....)

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Jun 11, 2023·edited Jun 11, 2023Author

There is this which has data to 5 May 2023 on the map


Deaths per million for Ma. = 27.5 with 6.8 million fully vaxxed,

and this


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THANKS, Peter - again, that number seems REALLY low to me; if I go by Harvard Pilgrim & Kessler's 1% reported estimate though, a BIT higher than the 13,800 anyhow.....

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It has been a problem throughout the pandemic.

false diagnosis using an RT-PCR test that is not a diagnostic tool.

classifying all medical conditions with a positive RT-PCR as a C19 case, not the underlying condition - including deaths - even those caused by ventilators and remdesivir

not classifying C!9 positive tests during the two weeks following injection as an adverse event (the injections intentionally disable the immune system, so the "vaccine" can do its thing).

that Lazarus report from Harvard is, hopefully, pessimistic. the under-reporting factor, hopefully, is 40 or below - fingers crossed, its 20 and less serious non-reports are much higher - see here for the V-Safe v VAERS comparison,


that report needs to be re-cast so we can see the rate of incidence of severe (life changing) and serious (life threatening) conditions.

we need a follow up to that PLUS we need an analysis of those that stopped reporting (do null responses amongst the 10 million who took part = deaths or apathy).

now we are faced with the issue of temporal association of symptoms with receding injection dates - PLUS - the longer term impacts of C19 injections mixed with other treatments for cancer conditions or diabetes drugs, or especially heart and brain conditions - that is, interaction of (tainted with DNA and e-coli) C19 mRNA and viral vector injections with other drugs.

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.....though it's arguably THE most arduous task I've EVER undertaken - NEW ones recognized every week, am trying to compile a comprehensive list, overview of natural optimizing agents to eradicate this superimposed disease-state - including those 'radioprotective', which I believe with a RAPIDLY-weakening terrestrial magnetic field, unavoidable sustained wireless radiation exposures and comparatively-imminent polar reversal looming within 7-23 years will become a PRIMARY concern for MOST lifeforms before long.....

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good on you!

i have wondered why there is research in biolabs for a "gain of function" that weaponizes a virus in a bad way, when the opposite could be undertaken.

i am not familiar with the weakening magnetic field - i read that the north pole was migrating 6 feet eastwards every year.

i wonder whether the green cult will condone the use of animal fur to keep warm when the earth starts cooling - or whether they will be crying out for hydrocarbon energy!

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"Most people have been injected twice – 1 death per thousand doses = > one death per 500 people injected." (20:10,000)

Elsewhere, 20M dead currently, 5.6 billion (70.1% global popln) jabbed at least once.

ie. 35.7:10,000

The current death rate seems to be tightening (?stabilising) around 20 - 40/10,000

Is this the number one keeps culling then gradually raises in small increments, staying below the threshold of alarm while maintaining habituation?

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Well now that we know there was no Covid just 5G radiation poisoning we know that is all bogus. The people dying of the shots is probably a low ball figure but ya the scamdemic repercussions are in full effect and the nightmare continues.

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They said the spike protein was deadly, so why didn’t everyone who got vaccinated die? It’s not because of spoiled lots or placebos because who can get one of those three or four times in a row? And they said the deadly spike protein goes into every organ of the body. It should be billions dying, not millions.

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